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An In-Depth Look of the 2007 Sassicaia Wine


An In-Depth Look of the 2007 Sassicaia Wine

Photo : An In-Depth Look of the 2007 Sassicaia Wine

For many wine lovers and enthusiasts, the best wines aren't recognized for their exquisite tastes only; they also come with rich histories. Such is the case of the new wine range from Bolgheri that might pique your interest and might be your favorite -  the 2007 Sassicaia Wine. 

The Origin

The 2007 Sassicaia Wine components are naturally-grown on the coast of Tuscany right outside the village of Bolgheri. It's a  local estate now famously-known as the Sassicaia. 

The couple Marchese Mario Incisa Della Rocchetta and Marchesa Clarice Della Gherardesca owns the land and has a grand vision on turning the mass land area into a region of a large winemaking production. Their take is to emulate the fine Bordeaux wines and to rival the pride of the Tuscan hills, the Chiantis, and to compete with Piedmont Barolos in Italy's northwest. 

In the late '70s, the vision became a reality, and the Marcheses finally reap what they have been sowing for years. Now, the Sassicaia wines are widely-known and now spawned to be one of the first Super Tuscan wines. 

The Discovery

Born in a noble family, Mario Incisa, as an agronomist, was done helping their property keep up with the fruit, grains, and other agricultural production. He wanted to set foot on a different path to create his own Bordeaux wine.

Growing up, Mario tasted a lot of Bordeaux wine that eventually ignited his curiosity about what made it quite special. What made it taste different from other wines? The fruit? The land? The climate? Or a whole lot of things entirely? 

That curiosity made Mario decisive to make his own wine. With some help from his friends, he found the key factor in improving the taste of his grapes- the soil.

The land position where the vineyard will grow must be adjusted. Hence, he made sure some changes are in place like its vineyards should be more inland, slightly higher, and on stony soil. When he found the perfect location, he planted his first vines at Castello di Castiglioncello di Bolgheri to be exact, the perfect area. There he planted the Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. 

The Products 

Now that we all know the origin and the discovery of how Mario Incisa improved his winemaking production through the years, it is time for his wine products to be known. 

There have been significant discoveries and experiments he made throughout the years, and together with Giacomo Tachis, they created their first vintage. 1968 was Giacomo's' first vintage and Sassicaias's first commercial vintage, consecutively. 

As the years go by, Sassicaia wines that are famously known as "table wine" made success worldwide - turning the heads of many wine enthusiasts and lovers to take their journey in tasting this so-called "table wine." 

As the evolution of the winemaking process continues, the creation of different wine varietals such as the  2007 Sassicaia wine also took place.

The 2007 Sassicaia Wine 

A profound follow-up of the 2006 Sassicaia Wine, the 2007 Sassicaia wine has its signature taste that will delight every wine lover. 

A classic lineup from the iconic Italian wine of Sassicaia, which consists of 85% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Cabernet Franc, 2007 Sassicaia wine has a long, smooth, and very fine finish. It is composed of equal components of mineral, fruit, and spice.

The renowned wine critic Robert Parker scored the 2007 Sassicaia Wine with high points discreetly not below 94 points for its curious personality. It doesn't give so much and leaves you a little bit in the dark. The palate offers you time to appreciate its fullness, yet it is finessed and nuanced. 

It represents a frank and bold combination of fruit, spice, leather, and tobacco-like aromas. And its straightforwardness will surprise you with a bouquet of energy and force.  The dark wild cherries, plums, spices, and herbs that were developed in the glass of the 2007 Sassicaia wine will give you a gorgeous and seamless length that you will give you a hard time to capture fully. 

Indeed, the 2007 Sassicaia wine is one of the best efforts of the Tenuta San Guido. It is sought-after to be the most appealing and outgoing kind of wine.  


Best wines aren't produced overnight. As per the Marcheses, it took them years to cultivate the best wine. The production and the experiment to create the best wine takes a toll on time, yet the outstanding result and appreciation are worth it. 

In the present, there are many leading wines in the market, but acknowledging the history of how one evolved into greatness is a significant factor. The 2007 Sassicaia wine might not be the best of all in Tenuta San Guido, but it's enriched history adds more interest and will naturally pique wine lovers to have a taste of it.

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