The Insurance Company Says That I Don’t Need a Lawyer - Is That True?


The Insurance Company Says That I Don’t Need a Lawyer - Is That True?

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You've been injured in an accident (due to the fault/negligence of another person or party), you contact their insurance company and they tell you that you don't need an attorney. Technically, they are correct, you can absolutely settle a personal injury claim without the assistance of a lawyer. However, the likelihood of an insurance company fairly compensating you for the injuries that you have suffered, it slim to none. At the end of the day, insurance providers are businesses that seek to save more money than they spend. Claims adjuster, as well as attorneys working for insurance companies, may claim that they are interested in being fair to you but it is imperative to remember that their greatest loyalty lies with their employer. They know that they would probably have the ability to convince you to take a lower settlement amount if you're not appropriately represented. An insurance company's worst nightmare is dealing with a claimant that is represented by an experienced and aggressive attorney. If you are interested in learning more about working with an attorney, feel free to begin your research here: Learn more about the benefits of working with an attorney below. 

When You Should Hire An Attorney

After an injury has occurred, your first priority should always be to immediately seek medical attention. Your health is tantamount to any other concerns. After you have been seen by a medical professional, it is recommended that you call an attorney and discuss the details of your case. Fortunately, most personal injury attorneys (if not all) offer a free consultation. They will likely not agree to take on your case if there is not a strong chance that they will win it. If the initial circumstances of your case meet the following qualifications, consulting with a personal injury attorney may be in your best interest.

  1. You have been involved in an accident due to the fault and/or negligence of another person or party. 

  2. You have suffered serious injuries as a result of the accident. 

  3. The at-fault party is insured and/or financially able to compensate you for your injuries (this can sometimes only be learned with the help of an attorney). 

Since most personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation, you have nothing to lose by contacting them and discussing the details of your case. 

When You May Not Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

When it comes to personal injury cases involving negotiations with insurance companies, there are not too many instances that a consultation with an attorney is not helpful. However, if you have suffered relatively minor injuries (small cuts, light bruises, minor first degree burns, etc.) you may not need the help of an attorney. Though it should be stated again, there is no harm in at least consulting with an attorney first. It's never a good idea to take the word of the insurance company without seeking some form of legal counsel. 

How to Find a Personal Injury Attorney

After you have decided to consult with a personal injury attorney, it is natural to wonder how you will find a lawyer that is right for your case. When searching for an attorney, take a look at their online reviews first. After you have found a few lawyers that you wish to contact, give them a call. Ask what their expertise it as well as their trial record. Though most personal injury cases are settled before they reach court, it is best to work with an attorney that you can trust in the event that your case goes the distance. Lastly, inquire about their fee structure. Choose the attorney that is experienced, proven, and that you are comfortable with. 

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