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The Pros and Cons of Car Ownership as a Student


The Pros and Cons of Car Ownership as a Student

(Photo : The Pros and Cons of Car Ownership as a Student)

If you're attending college or are signing up to go to a university, one of your first thoughts might be whether or not you should have a car. Having a vehicle can give you the freedom that you both need and want, but it can also come with its own costs that make the college experience more stressful than it already is. Having a car available to you is completely your own decision, so it is smart to weigh the pros and cons before leaving to start classes.

Pro: Easier to Get to School and Home

If you're attending a community college, having your own vehicle can truly help you to get from point A to point B every day. You won't need to rely on a bus or relative to get you to your classes on time. If you're planning on going to a university in another state altogether, your vehicle can serve as a means to get home without needing to buy an expensive plane ticket or having to stay on campus just because you're stuck there.

Con: Added Monthly Fees

One of the major cons with owning a car of any kind involves the fees associated with being an owner. Oil changes, gas, routine maintenance, blown tires and auto insurance are all cost factors to take into consideration when bringing the automobile with you when going to school. To save on insurance, you can get a student car insurance policy that's tailored to your needs with only the coverage that is necessary.

Pro: Continue Working without Transportation Issues

Many times, college students have to continue working while going to school. This helps them to pay for classes, student loans and living expenses that they accrue while attending. By having your own car, you're able to get back and forth to work without it being a problem and without needing to worry about using public transportation. You can still make the money that you want and have the freedom to commute on your very own.

Con: Having to Find Parking

If you have your own automobile, you need to have a secure place to park it when it's not in use. For this, you may need to get a parking pass with the school, which could be an additional fee on top of what you're already spending to maintain the car itself. It is important to discuss parking options with the college prior to attending so that you know if it's available and if it is, if there are any additional fees associated with using it.

Pro: Leave Campus Whenever You Want

Aside from going home on the holidays and getting to class itself, having your own car means that you can leave campus whenever you both want and need. This means cruising around with friends, hitting up the local fast food joint or catching a movie on a lazy Saturday afternoon. You may even find that you're popular among your friends because you're the one with the vehicle to get them where they want to go.

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