Best Piano Lessons in Miami


Best Piano Lessons in Miami

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Everybody should have the opportunity to learn to play the piano. Being surrounded by music not only improves creativity, but studies have shown that playing a musical instrument actually increases memory skills, creates a sense of achievement and even improves reading and comprehension skills. Sharing your love of music will also help you connect with others, enlarge your social circle and, in children, it helps develop social skills.

Look for the best piano instructor in Miami

When you are ready to start taking piano lessons, rest assured that Eric Gottlieb is the best instructor for you. As one of the most experienced piano tutors in Miami, he will make sure you enjoy every class, whether you are interested in contemporary music or learning the secrets of classical pieces.

A fun, patient instructor for all ages

At the Eric Gottlieb-Vasquez Music Academy, you are always at the perfect age to start playing the piano. Whether you are looking for valuable and enjoyable piano lessons for your kids of all ages or for you, you will always receive the most precisely tailored classes to fit your age and your level of expertise.

You can't come to us? No problem! We'll go to you!

Stuck in the expressway one more time? There is no need for you to feel stressed out because of the traffic, or because you don't want to be late and miss out on even one precious minute of instruction! Working with your schedule and your availability is our priority and we'll work with you to make sure you enjoy every single one of your lessons. You can choose to either come to our school or get personalized instruction at home.

Pay for your lessons as you go

One of the features that distinguish the Eric Gottlieb-Vasquez Academy of Music is the fact that you can pay for your lessons as you go. No need to commit yourself to a specific number of lessons and pay for that in advance. Here, cash or checks are accepted and you can pay as you take them. Great for your budget and your peace of mind!

Do private lessons work better than more structured ones? 

Piano lessons offer a greater benefit, as students are able to advance at their own pace and enjoy every minute while they do it. Also, your teacher can concentrate on you and tailor the lessons to take advantage of your particular abilities.

Commit to practicing at least an hour a day and you will notice how fast you master your new passion!

How do you get started playing the piano in Miami?

Easily! It would be great if you have a baby grand piano at home, but if you don't, don't worry! As long as you have a touch-sensitive keyboard with at least 44 keys and your commitment to practice at least an hour a day, you can quickly be on your way to expressing your feelings and emotions through music.

How can you register to start your piano lessons in Miami?

Easily as well! Just visit our website and provide your information. We'll reach out to you right away and schedule your classes according to your schedule and your availability. Leave all stress behind and get ready to start playing the piano right away. Don't postpone your dream of playing music anymore, register today!

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