4 Easy Steps to Make Your Blog Content More Visually Appealing

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4 Easy Steps to Make Your Blog Content More Visually Appealing

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Did you know that if your content is deemed unattractive by visitors, nearly 40% have reported that they will close out of your site? Needless to say, aesthetics are important.

The goal for any blogger or website owner is to gain returning visitors and to have those visitors stay on your site, enjoying your content as long as possible. And having visually appealing content will help you do that!

If you're looking for ways to make your blog or website more pleasing to the eye, therefore increasing the number of visitors and the time they spend with your content, keep reading!

1. Pick the Right Theme

The first step in visually appealing content is to choose the right theme. Your theme is the backbone of your blog; all of the content you create will be molded to fit whatever template you pick.

You want a theme that fits your personality and style while remaining crisp and clean. Once you have your template, all that's left to do is choose your font and color scheme.

2. Make White Space Work for You

You may be tempted to cram everything you can onto every page of your blog, but less is more when it comes to blog content. Now, this doesn't apply to the actual text - you should shoot for between 500 and 2000 words per post. But a healthy amount of white space around that text will help you create more attractive content.

Be conscious of how crowded your pages appear because when users become overwhelmed by a wall of text, they are much more likely to close out of your site and look elsewhere.

3. Use Color to Your Advantage

While it's important to utilize white space in order to have a visually appealing blog, it's also important to implement color. But not just any color! Choose a color scheme that fits your brand and be sure that the colors complement each other.

Also, keep in mind that colors have meaning! It can be fun to have a color scheme that represents you. Purple, for example, inspires creativity, while yellow indicates warmth and optimism. Think about the message you're trying to send to your viewers and pick colors to match!

4. Embed Content to Break Up Text

Once you have your theme and your colors are chosen, it's time to take a look at your actual content. As mentioned previously, you never want to fill your site with walls of text. That's a surefire way to scare off visitors!

Instead, add images and other illustrations to your content to break up the text and make your blog much more visually appealing. And don't worry! If you don't have a strong creative streak, there are plenty of programs to make this part easy. Things like image editing software and this pie chart generator can help you to make striking blog posts that are sure to win over your viewers.

Use These Tips to Make Your Blog Content More Visually Appealing

Well, there you have it! By implementing these tips for more visually appealing blog content, you can create a stunning site that users will want to visit again and again.

Remember, it all starts with a clean theme. You want something that isn't too busy to avoid overwhelming any visitors.

Once you have the perfect theme, it's time to pick your colors! Be careful to not go overboard. Keep it simple and keep in mind that white space is your friend.

When writing your articles, be sure to include images and other things to illustrate your points such as charts or infographics. It will keep your viewers interested much longer!

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