Why Do People Use Synthetic Urine?


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There are many people who know they are going to have to pass a drug test in the near future but are concerned about private medical conditions being revealed with their urine or might be nervous about their ability to do so despite the fact that they have not used illegal drugs. The tests used by emoloyers are not as accurate even under the best labrotary conditions and frequently employers may use a less reliable vendor to cut costs. With this in mind, there are a few key qualities that make up good synthetic urine. Knowing this list from a comprehensive guide will help make an informed decision. Keep in mind that synthetic urine is illegal in some states so it is important to be familiar with your state law.

First, good synthetic urine is going to test clean. While this might seem obvious, many people overlook this important point when comparing the various options for synthetic urine samples. It is important to know which drugs are going to be tested ahead of time. Knowing this information will help someone find urine that has been specifically made to test clean for these samples. Some drug tests might only use a test strip. Other drug tests might ship the urine sample to a detailed lab, which will look more closely at the sample. Know which drugs are going to be tested and find a fake urine product that has been designed to test clean for these drugs.

In addition, good synthetic urine is going to look and behave like real urine. Synthetic urine needs to both test clean and look like actual urine. Some of the key lab properties of real urine include pH, specific gravity, red blood cells, white blood cells, leukocyte esterase, and temperature. Actual human urine typically has a temperature that falls between 32 and 38 degrees Celsius. If the temperature of the urine is too hot or too cold, this is going to raise suspicion. Be sure to check the temperature of the product. It is important for synthetic urine to address all of these important factors and look like real urine in the lab. Nobody wants the lab to start questioning the validity of their urine samples.

Finally, the synthetic urine should also come from a reliable source. With so many companies now requiring drug tests for hiring purposes, there are countless people who are looking for ways to pass drug tests. Synthetic urine is a popular method, so there are many stores that now offer this service. Like the urine samples themselves, some brands are more reliable than others. It is important to purchase synthetic urine from someone who has a solid reputation for helping people pass drug tests. Try to speak with other people who have used their services or read reviews that have been written by prior customers.

These are only a few of the many factors that go into making high-quality synthetic urine. Do not forget to check the expiration date of the urine, particularly if the product is going to be purchased for a later date. It is important for everyone to find urine that will both test clean and give the appearance of a legitimate urine sample. This will go a long way toward helping everyone pass their next drug test in the future.

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