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Instagram Marketing: Get it Done for Free As a Student


Instagram Marketing: Get it Done for Free As a Student

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If you want to make major progress on Instagram, you need to have a marketing plan to guide you. There is no way around this. Without this, you'll spin your wheels and ask more questions as you never really make the progress you are striving for.

The nice thing about Instagram marketing is that there is no shortage of ways to reach your goals. There are things you should and shouldn't do, but in an overall sense there is no shortage of steps you can take to position yourself for success. 

For example, you can visit if you want to buy Instagram likes and followers. This will go a long way in helping you kick things off. Best yet, you're not alone on your journey from beginner to Instagram pro, which always makes it easier to stay the course.

If you're not interested in spending money on Instagram, you need to look into ways you can grow your account for free. It sounds like more work - and it is on many fronts - but that doesn't mean that you will fail. It just means that you need to create a strategy that you can rely on. Here are the types of things you want to do:

1. Have a Plan for Each Day

You won't get anything done if you're always looking for the next thing to do. Did you follow that?

If you have a plan for each day, it's much easier to make progress. And it's also much easier to realize that you don't have to spend any money to reach your goals.

Before you do anything, sit down and write out an Instagram marketing plan for the day. If you have a larger strategy in place, you can rely on it to guide you. 

The key here is that you know what you are doing so that you don't waste time. After all, you probably don't have that much spare time in your day to simply bounce around different Instagram profiles as you think about the future. You want to make targeted moves that pay off in the long run. 

2. Watch Others in Your Space

Okay, so you don't want to spend too much time watching others in your space, but it's definitely something you should experiment with as time allows. This gives you a good idea of what other people are doing, how you can follow their lead, and whether or not their strategy has a chance of working for you.

Pick out a few profiles of people you admire and see what they are doing on Instagram. This will help you understand the approach they are taking. You may even be able to pick up a few tidbits every now and again that helps you to reach your goals. 

Remember, you will never know what is going on out there until you take a closer look for yourself. It only takes a few minutes to watch others in your space. And the time that you put in could pay off big time in the long run. 

3. Maintain a Steady Posting Schedule

If you want to grow your Instagram account, you need to create a steady posting schedule according to the Instagram service ViralRace. This is easier said than done, but it's something you need to get serious about. If you don't give people something fresh to see and engage with, they're not going to come back for more in the future.

Even if you only post once per day or once every other day, at least you have a schedule that you are comfortable with. At least you have something that you can lean on as you are planning your day.

Tip: experiment with different posting frequencies to see what works and what doesn't. You should also post at different times of the day and different days of the week. 

4. Experiment with Different Types of Content

Don't get so hung up on one type of content that you overlook others that could do just as much for your account. This is the key to keeping your audience engaged, as they never know what they are going to get when they visit your profile.

It's okay to focus on what works, but you'll never know what that is until you give a few types of content a try. The more you spread the love, the more you'll learn about yourself and your audience. This also gives you the opportunity to boost your publishing frequency, which can also help. 

5. Track Everything

If you're going to make it big on Instagram, you need to track everything. This will give you a clear idea of what is and isn't working. And it will also give you a better idea of how to spend your resources in the future.

Maybe you find that posting on Monday mornings doesn't get you much in regards to engagement. Conversely, when you post on the weekend, your content performs much better. These are the types of things you can figure out when you get into the habit of tracking everything.

The system that you implement is critical to your success. You shouldn't hesitate to create and implement a system that allows you to track everything associated with your Instagram account. 

Final Thoughts

With so much on your mind, it's easy to get lost as you implement your Instagram marketing plan. By following the tips above, there is less chance of this happening.

If you're the type who wants to market on Instagram without spending much, if any, money, you need to have a plan for doing so. Once you are confident in the direction you are headed, you can then go down this path for as long as it carries you.

What are your favorite Instagram marketing strategies? Do you have any tips for others? What steps do you take to save money while still making progress? Share all your top tips and guidance in the comment section below. 

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