Be Fit in 2020 Using these Best Fitness Apps

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When it comes to getting fit, everybody needs a little help. Fitness apps support you by reminding you of your goals and inspiring you to meet them. They also provide the tools and information you need, whether that be a calorie calculator or a trainer who is planning and coaching you along with your workouts.

The apps generally fall into a number of specific categories, including short workouts, on-demand workouts, nutrition, and activity tracking. You will find fitness companions with your Android apps and iPhone apps. Feel free to download them when you are ready with your fitness journey.

The Best Short Workout Apps

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Fitness is by far the best we've found in the category of short workout apps. It's a totally free app that you can do anywhere with a classic seven-minute workout. The app shows you how to make every move and count down as you do them for 30 seconds each time.

Besides the classic routine, Johnson & Johnson provides you with more options that are longer, more intense, less intense, and so on. Whether you're busy, traveling, or new to fitness, it doesn't matter-there is a workout suited for you with this app.

The Best on-Demand Workout Apps

Apps that offer you on-demand workouts are a dime a dozen, but in terms of quality or cost, not all are similar. Those who made the list here have high-quality instructions and are suitably priced or free to download, though the types differ, because not everyone in the workout instructions is looking for the same thing. Some even allow you to join live video stream classes that you may follow at home or from anywhere.

BlogilatesShredForet.fitKelo, and Nike Training Club are some who made the list here. Read more about each of them in the apps store.

The Best Nutrition-Tracking Apps

Nutrition apps are often more centered on weight loss, but if you move to a new diet, they can be beneficial to use. For example, if you move to a diet based on plants, you may want some help figuring out if you will get enough protein. That and more are being provided by nutrition and dietary apps. MyFitnessPalMyPlateLifesum, and Noom are some of the best ones.

In fact, Noom is a full weight-loss program with daily interactive content, a personal goal coach, and plenty of content to help you master the psychology involved in changing your food relationship.

MyFitnessPal has been a top calorie-counting pick for a long time because it has the largest food database you can find for both branded and homemade foods. It is so commonly used that calories and nutritional information can be found in it for products from all over the world. You will get tons of information with the free version, which is not the case with some of the other software.

The Best Activity-Tracking Apps

We have included in this list a number of activity monitoring apps that record your tasks as you do them. If you run, the distance, time, and other relevant statistics will be counted. When you wear a heart rate monitor while doing an operation, the device will display a chart of your heart rate when you're done.

Map My Fitness is my top recommendation for people who are just beginning a fitness trip because it has hundreds of activities that you can monitor, from vacuuming to climbing. You may feel more motivated to keep up with it if you can track all of your activities and see how they add up to a fitter lifestyle.

Also one of the best exercise-monitoring software motivates you to donate money to charity for every mile you're running, walking, or biking. The app is called Charity Miles. You don't even need to be competitive and athletic to use it.

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