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Decorate the Heart of Every Home: Tips on How Your Family Can Have a Wonderful Time Everyday


Living Room as the Heart of Every Home: Tips How Your Family Can Have a Wonderful Time Everyday
Living Room as the Heart of Every Home: Tips How Your Family Can Have a Wonderful Time Everyday
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A living room is not just a part of the house. It caters to a very important purpose for a house to be called a home. It is where the family comes together. They spend most of their free time bonding with each other watching the television, having a deep conversation or checking out how did the day goes by. It is also where the family members accept visitors and catch up with friends, relatives, and even neighbors. Your house might have a lot of rooms but it is the living room that acquires greater exposure not only to the family but also to the guests. 

When it comes to decorating a living room, the choice of furniture and decors is of major importance. Living room furniture and decors describe the living room itself. You must consider the personal aesthetic, lifestyle, and most importantly the budget. 

Try to incorporate the following tips if you plan to makeover your living area:

Apply Creativity

Put your feet inside the shoes of an interior designer. Create in your mind your living room. Imagine the arrangement of sofas, chairs, tables, etc. Are you an afternoon person or a night one? Do you need your living room to be ready to party with friends and family? You may choose a high and useful table to have your drinks and aperitifs ready to be served if that's what suits you. You can have a cozy sofa in front of the television if you want to pamper yourself at the end of the day at your choice. You can have a round table in the center if you want. Everything will come from your creativity and needs.

But always remember, many families have small houses that the living room serves many other purposes. Be reminded that it is in the living room that you entertain other people. If the living room is where you showcase your family to other people, you will want that room to tell something about what kind of family do you have. So, it is important to choose stuff that can make you comfortable all throughout the day. 

Exact Measurement of the Living Room Area

Draw a square indicating the sides of the living room and its measurement. Whether you create it on a mobile or computer app or hand draw it on graph paper, having a sketch of the floor plan is helpful for space planning. If drawing by hand, one idea is to cut-out sofa and other decors from old magazines so you can play with different arrangements and just fill in the blanks.

Think about the Focal Points

Consider your TV, fireplace, chandelier, artwork, et cetera. Once that is determined, the arrangements can easily fall into place around it. If the living room has a television, note that the viewing distance for a standard TV is between 8 to 12 feet maximum, and the viewing angle should be no more than 30 degrees. Therefore the main sofa or couch should be placed facing that wall. Other armchairs and chaises can flank either side of the television wall as well, rounding out the seating area while adding visual stability. 

Additional accents

One of the best tips is that you better choose stuff designs and colors easy to manipulate and add accessories or other embellishments. Opting to buy plain decors and furniture will be more cozy and classy.

Center your area rug

The last but not the least is the rug. This should be put in the middle of the main seating arrangement and extend a few inches beyond the sofa and chairs. If the room is already carpeted, adding a thicker accent rug on top is a nice way to add warmth and encourage guests to relax and stay for a moment. Choose a wooly texture for better comfort.

Following these simple tips for your living room furniture layout will ensure harmony to your home

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