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Cutting-Edge Home Tech for the New Decade


Cutting-Edge Home Tech for the New Decade

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With the new year right around the corner, cutting-edge technology is already making its move into homes of all sizes and price points. Whether you're interested in enhanced security, a greener lifestyle, safety or comfort, these new trends have you covered. Some are more costly than others, but experts say all the hottest technology additions for 2020 can be wise investments. That's because each one has the ability to up the selling price of any home and make living in them more convenient and less costly.

Here are the top four home tech components for 2020;

Solar Panels

The newest items in this category are advertised as new panels, because their efficiency is about five times that of solar panels manufactured just a decade ago. But another unusual twist in this type of residential technology is placement of panels on the ground. Look at any recent neighborhood development and you'll notice about one-fifth of the structures with solar units on the roof. Chances are, most of those dwellings also have a set of panels on the ground in their back yards too.

Solar cell efficiency is now so great that the average consumer, living in a two-bedroom abode, can generate about three full months of electricity from roof-and-yard solar systems each year. The energy savings repays for the technology in about three years, opposed to 15 years for older cells.

Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cameras are everywhere nowadays. About 20 different companies manufacture them and all are priced to move, which means virtually anyone can afford them. What do the cameras do? They not only send a video image of the person on the doorstep to a remote monitor, they also have the ability to use facial-recognition scanning apps to identify the person, store photos of the individual and alert all residents that someone is at the door. Doorbell cameras make an easy DIY project, don't cost much and are a simple way to add a layer of security to any front porch.

Home Lifts

Just a few years ago, home lifts were not all that common, even on newer, high-end homes. Now that homeowners have caught on to the advantages of residential lifts, these high-tech transportation devices are showing up in a lot of new housing developments. Plus, owners of older dwellings are also choosing to install them for reasons of safety and to boost resale value.

A spokesperson for a major seller of lifts said part of the reason people add the devices is safety. It's a fact that people over 70 often have trouble negotiating stairs and want an alternative method for getting from floor to floor. It's also true that parents always feel happy when their children move out and often look to upgrade the home's interior once they have the place all to themselves, reported this domestic lifts company in the UK.

Space-Age Aerogel Insulation

Insulation, which was virtually unchanged in appearance and effectiveness for more than a century, has come into its own. New, so-called aero-gel products are thin, super-efficient and can be put into old or new homes by owners or professional installers. The stuff is costly, but experts say it pays for itself in about two years and has a life expectancy of more than 15 years. That means it makes good financial sense.

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