How to Turn Your Home into a Productive Workplace after Completing Your College Degree


How to Turn Your Home into a Productive Workplace after Completing Your College Degree
How to Turn Your Home into a Productive Workplace after Completing Your College Degree
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After finishing your chosen degree in college, either be an accounting, nursing or engineering program, you are expected to work in a corporation and be a regular worker just like other people do. But based on a recent study, employees who work from home are more productive compared to the same office schedule done per day.

Employees believe that working in a quiet environment helped their productivity. When you work from home there is a freedom to create the space you need to get the work done. You can control almost all the features of your working area unlike in a regular office where all you have is your desk to design.

Here are some of the best ideas from personal experts on how you can turn your home office into a productive workplace as an engineer, accountant, marketer, writer, etc.

1.     Be Clever likea Mouse

Observe the whole house and find the most peaceful area of them all. Other people might want some background noise to be able to work while others find any sound like a barking dog, playing children, car engines or even calming chimes extremely disturbing.

A busy room is the worst place to work. Most of the people are more efficient in a quiet, distraction-free space. Be clever like a mouse, it doesn't want to be disturbed right? A home office should be fa enough from common distractions like the main door of the house (where people come and go), television, play area, and kitchen. If you don't have an extra room, then any vacant area where you can put a cubicle with a door will do.


2.     Soundproof the Room

If you are going to do it DIY, basic soundproofing includes sealing of holes in the room. Apply fiber insulation or egg cartons to walls. Soundproof air vent, doors, and windows. Soundproofing can help you make the area perfect for extreme concentration. You can search the internet about different DIY ideas on how you can soundproof the noise of your home office.


3.     Supplies Inventory

As a home office employee, you don't have subordinates you can lean on to buy emergency supplies. Basic material like pencils, pens, papers, ink, sticky notes, folders, etc. should always be checked for every time availability. If you do not apply at least a quarter inventory of your basic materials, it will cause you so much hassle and messy workplace.

4.     Declutter Your Desk

If you want to have a great looking home office, you need to clean your desk first. It should be a free area almost all the time after every task. Those extra papers and pens should be put inside a pedestal. Used folders should be turned into a filing folder. Separate folders of completed tasks, contracts for review, existing contracts, incoming mail, outgoing mail, supplier documents, customer documents, and many others.

This will make your hard copy back-up files neat and clean all the time. Misplacement of important documents is a no-no, especially in the field of engineering and accounting. All these paper and ink stuff blocking your area plays a crucial part in your credibility.

5.     Have a Three-layer Rolling Kitchen Cart

This may sound crazy but very helpful. Yes, you are just ten steps apart from the pantry so you can go there anytime. But you know if you are a person who loves to eat knickknacks and drink coffee or tea all the time, then it would be of so much hassle to always go in the kitchen.

Choose a cart that is below your chest level when you sit. Put in the first layer all liquid beverages, the second layer are for biscuits, cookies, brownies, chocolates and candies, and third is for bulky chips.


6.     Nature is Your Friend

Bring in some living and green plants. Having indoor plants is a great way to add a pinch of fresh air to your workspace. If you need some visual variety when your eyes need a break from the screen, just look at the mini of nature in your work station. Count the leaves while drinking tea or coffee as a form of a 5minute break. Small cactus or succulents for desk and snake plant for a large pot if you want some oxygen bomb for your entire workstation. Face your desk in the front of the window where you can get an ample amount of sunlight together with your plant buddies.

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