College Students with Writing Degree: How to be a Creative Author in the Future


College Students with Writing Degree: How to be a Creative Author in the Future
College Students with Writing Degree: How to be a Creative Author in the Future
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Many college students with writing degrees find it hard to add creativity to their writings. It is the way an individual can express her deepest feelings and imagination.

Here are some tips on how you can awaken your sleeping creativity:

  • Lyrics for instrumental songs

Listen to a piece of instrumental or classical music for a while, then when you feel the relaxation flowing into your body you can try writing lyrics for that song until you regain your momentum.

For most writers, they avoid listening to songs because they get to sing along and can't think of original and creative words of their own minds. The tendency of incorporating the lyrics onto the writing piece is highly probable. For example, you are already drained and want to try writing a love story on Wattpad. What you can do is listen to instrumental songs like Canon in D or La Vi En Rose then put your mind and soul into the body of the main characters and reflect their feelings onto the lyrics.

  • Writings Prompts

You can never go wrong with the advice of experts, especially those who are creating the next generation of service marketplace. If you feel like you are drowning with your own creativity and can't flip your feet out of the world pool, look for writing prompts online in Google. Thousands of creative ideas and guidelines will help you get rid of the writer's block. These writing prompts are perfect for writing blogs and for improving writing skills as well.

  • Leave your comfort zone

Yes, you are a good writer. But if you are stuck on the business or financial related article that you are writing and can't even move to the next paragraph, leave it and just write something else if you don't feel like doing anything. This does not mean to leave the things hanging, but you are blocked and unproductive.

Writing a simple blog about travel, a review about certain restaurants you've been with a friend, a miraculous anti-aging serum booming in the market or anything that can make your mind think can awaken your creativity.

  • Continuous Writing

Just write. Never stop writing even if you feel that your story or article does not have the sense anymore. Remember that you can appreciate and learn what harmony is if you've been into chaos.

Write. Read. Erase. Write. Read. Erase. This is how writing works. How can you continue if you don't write?

  • Edit at the end

Planning sometimes won't work. Having an outline to follow is good but if it hinders you from moving forward, better write whatever comes through your mind and edit when you are done. Sometimes this makes the content better than the first draft.

  • Freewriting

Write without worrying about grammar, spelling, sentence construction, etc. This will let you out of all of the ideas inside your mind. Funny as it seems, but proven effective. Write everything and anything you want, whatever style, whatever genre.

  • Accept tolerable criticism

Critics are everywhere and you can never get rid of them. A good writer should never be affected by criticism. It can truly lower your self-esteem but listening to that inner critic can stop that wonderful and surprising idea out of your mind. Don't see critics as a torn of rose, think of them as a fertilizer that can nourish your skills.

Perfection comes with learning. It is not only about having the basic and advanced knowledge of writing but it is also learning how you can work with yourself by listening to your own thoughts. However, having some amateurs to train you is a lot better than training yourself alone. You can, but sometimes you need someone to lean on.

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