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Where and How to Find Free Events in College?


Where and How to Find Free Events in College?
Where and How to Find Free Events in College?
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The life of a college student doesn't have to be dull because of the restricted monthly allowance. Interesting college events and free opportunities for entertainment and inspiration are available on every campus. Here are the examples of free events to look out for.

University athletics

Are you ready to do the ultimate perspiration?  Sports events on college campuses usually guarantee free or extreme discounted admission for the students with just a flash of a student ID. Participating in these events shows your support for your college teams and gives the chance for you to socialize and make new friends while rooting for your school. Also, public athletic events like this mean there are free snacks everywhere.

The arts

Are you the next Van Gogh artist? The department of arts and humanities offers a flamboyant choice of free events for students with artistic minds. From campus concerts to art exhibitions, everything is free for interested students. Enjoy the indie filmmaking of your school's Film majors or be entertained by the actors performing at the college theatre. At minimal fee to almost no cost at all, you can experience and boost the creative minds of local artists and your fellow peers.

Speeches and lectures

Be inspired by words. The inspirational speeches of political figures and even the lectures of your own professors are offered free for students on campus. Popular, local, and socially active personalities often invited to speak at universities and colleges to address a wide variety of topics. But if the idea of sitting for hours to listen through another lecture fails to excite you, remember that this form of entertainment can also be a networking opportunity. You'll have the chance to become acquainted with business people who may be a connection or colleague in future employment. You'll also meet like-minded people, as you'll be in an audience of individuals who are interested in learning about the same topics as you.

Fine campus dining

Need another cookie bite? Free food is a universally loved college bonus. The open access to on-campus events often includes this perk. Every event hosted by an organization at school premises is catered by food trucks, local restaurants, or homemade goods. Food is known to bring people together. It gives this all day good vibe so you'll be able to explore, take part in, and discover new social circles and on-campus activities while being fed for free.

Student Activities Committee

The best way to enjoy an event is to organize it.  Student Activity Committees are created for college students who want to help organize both social and academic events on campus. Being on a SAC will allow you to plan, organize, and seek for other participants to oversee the activities and benefit your classmates in search of free entertainment like yourself.

How can you be updated with these events?

Your student email

Your college email account may be inactive throughout the week but it can be an excellent resource to stay connected with free on-campus events.

Social media

Online platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the best ways to look for announcements, especially for public speakers and people exhibiting their work that's free for students on campus.

Campus apps

Majority of colleges and universities designed their own mobile apps today.

Student union

The purpose of a student union is to give a space for the students to mingle, host events, study, and be unified as a community while staying on the campus.

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