Great Gift Ideas for Students on a Budget


Great Gift Ideas for Students on a Budget

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As a student, there are many occasions when we are called upon to buy gifts for our friends and loved ones. Christmas is perhaps the most challenging, but the sheer volume of numbers, but finding gifts for a friend's engagement, birthday or other celebration can be difficult, even if gift expectations are small. Expect to spend on more on a loved one, something symbolic of your love and gratitude to have them in your life, which will mean more than cheap flowers from the local garage. Here are great gift ideas to get you started: 

For the special person in your life

When you are on a budget, your priority is to find the perfect gift for your partner. This should be a gift that can be treasured as being representative of the love you have for each other.  For something special, such as an anniversary, consider roses dipped in gold that can be and a warm glow to your home. Jewellery is also a good idea, but if you are not married and do not wish to get engaged, gift a ring another time.

Gift sets

Pre-prepared gifts sets can be expensive and may include items that you know will not be used.  In this case, make your own gift sets from individual items tailored to your recipients that don't have to match, such as a colourful pair of socks, their favourite chocolate and a DVD of a new movie. You can also fill a hamper with all their favourite foods, including any hard-to-find items such as biltong from South Africa or Vegemite from Australia. 

Art and photography

Search through your phone and find the best photos that you have of your friends and family.  You can have the best photos printed of the couple who have become engaged or are getting married and have these printed and put in a photo frame with the date of their engagement or marriage etched on the frame itself.

Family gifts

Christmas is a time where we are under pressure to buy a lot of gifts. One great idea is to gift one thing for all the family. This also works for your team at work. Find the best photos of each of your co-workers, or group photos of the entire family or team and have these made into a calendar. If you have a lot of photographs, you could create a collage on canvas for display at home or in the office.  For smaller families, is to have the photographs digitally printed onto a mug, cushion or keyring for a more personal gift to each member. 

Pamper gifts

Relaxation and luxury are short in the lives of many people. Taking a break from chores and responsibilities can be the perfect gift for many. This could be a gift certificate at a local hotel's luxury sauna, to a handmade IOU offering to do their household chores for one day. Gift as many days as you wish from once-a-month to once-a-week, or have the IOUs cover everything from a home-cooked meal or something else that you know you can do. 

Be an inspiration

Be an inspiration to others by buying eBooks for your family and friends that you know they would love. This could be a book that encourages an ongoing interest or something that taps into something you overheard them say. They will be amazed that you know and support their interest, even if it is on something obscure like London's Labyrinth: The World Beneath the City's Streets or Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers.

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