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How to Develop your Writing Skills


How to Develop your Writing Skills
How to Develop your Writing Skills
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To be a writer, it is important to create your uniqueness to gain prominence in the field of writing. Our generation is continuously moving forward as the age of modern internet arises. A high content turnover means that readers persistently desire for something clever and genuine that can exceed even their standards. For an apprentice writer, it is often difficult to modify your writing skills. It will also be a challenging duty to find the perfect tune that can express the quality of your distinctive ability. That is why knowing the importance of writing skills is s must.

So how exactly do you attract those qualities? When you have the qualities, how do you use them in the reality of the writing process?

Here are some tips that might help you develop your writing skills:

1. Experience is your foundation

Begin with recapping your own story. If you start your writing process based on the reality of your own experiences, it will be easier for you to put your heart and soul into the story as if you are one of the characters or the narrator. Do you know J.K. Rowling? She is the famous writer of Harry Potter, she based Professor Snape's behavioral qualities on her chemistry professor.

Make real experiences, real people, real emotions and real events as your inspiration. Make your journey as a human being live in the story that you will write. Let the short and little events lingering in your mind be reflected in your writing.

2. Be a keen observer

It is like having a perfect vision. You should be aware of your surroundings. Know the difference between generic and determinate events.  

For example, if you are observing the way a male person drives a car, take note not only of the speed but also of the way he communicates with the passenger, of how his mood affects his driving, of how he reacts with nearly accidental situations and others including those minimal events. Ask yourself is it normal that he reacts that way? Is he in a good mood? Is he tired, happy or irritated? Does he easily curse other drivers on the road? Is he following the driving rules? Things like that.

When you learn how to observe properly, the way you describe the event, character or item will surely be sensational. Your readers can easily relate to the entirety of your writing piece.

3. Be a sensational writer by awakening all your senses

Extend your observational skills and awaken all your senses. Your ability to see, hear, taste, smell, and touch at its full capacity. A reader wants a hint of reality to feel the genuineness of the writing.

Like when you are writing about a girl in a concert of her favorite male pop icon and she is sitting near the stage. You may describe her feeling of euphoria. The way she cried out tears of joy, the way her hands are ice cold, the way her heart beats fast and the way she cheers for her idol. Even her dreams while sleeping after the concert, you can also describe it on how your senses react during events like that.

4. Practice makes perfect

Write a little every day. No man is an expert overnight. The more you write, the more you will learn what your fortes are. Change bad habits and improve the good ones. 

You can write five sentences, three paragraphs or ten pages. At the start, quantity does not matter, but consistency does. Patience is a virtue. And let the world of words await an exceptional writer like you.

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