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Fun Things to Do if you are Spending Christmas Alone


Fun Things to do if you are Spending Christmas alone
Fun Things to do if you are Spending Christmas alone
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Voila! Christmas day is coming. People have been preparing for months and you've intentionally ignored all the excitement and stress, knowing that none of it is applicable to you. What should you do, when by choice or chance, you are one of the millions of people around the globe spending Christmas day alone?

Stay In Your Pajamas All Day

One option, especially if it is cold and snowy outside, is to just stay indoors in some new awesome and comfy pajamas.  Have a marathon movie throughout the day. Make a list of your favorite films of any genre and enjoy watching them, one after another.

You can also choose to watch a series that will make you laugh and relax that very special moment of Christmas day.

If you are not a movie person, you can always find invigorating energy with a book. Snuggle up in a warm area and read away. Perhaps you can listen to a book with audio from free websites if you wish to listen with cucumbers and face masks instead of reading.

You can just add a little pampering activity like painting your nails red for girls. Have a bath with glitter oil or bath bombs. Enjoy a box of sumptuous chocolate, a drink like homemade mulled wine or margarita. For men, play your favorite game limitlessly and eat your favorite food.

Release Your Inner Creative Genius

With time to relax and pamper, Christmas alone can be a day to express your passion for making delicious food, crafts, knitting, and painting. You name it. There are so many ways to spend this day! Make paper snowflakes or try a new recipe. Make a special smoothie. Whatever you do, try something that will really make you enjoy the rest of the day!

While things are cooking in the oven, take out your phone or laptop and spread sweet holiday wishes to your family and friends.

Go Outside and Surprise Yourself

If you have more energy than you know what to do with and you ar e not aversed to walking a bit (there are very few buses and trains working on Christmas day) open a map of your town, close your eyes, and point to a place on the map.  Walk to this place, explore, and see for yourself what the place has to offer.

On Christmas day you can experience the calmness and beauty of a place usually crowded with shoppers. With decorated shop windows, most places evoke that feeling of awesome magic that only the solitude of the evening city streets can offer.

If you don't want to be alone, volunteering at a shelter or a soup kitchen on Christmas day will help you feel happier while spreading the festive cheer. Walk in the evening and see all the lovely lights that people put up and be happy in admiring them, knowing that you don't have to take them all down by yourself in a few days.  If it makes you happy, take your camera and record what you see.

Go ahead and remember a Christmas from the past - but laugh at the positives and don't dwell on any sad times.

Have a happy and merry Christmas!

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