Lose Weight and Be Healthy with the 10-Day Metagenics Detox Diet


Metagenics Detox Diet
Metagenics Detox Diet
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Detox diet is one effective way to flush out toxins from the body while losing weight. Then there is this trending metagenics diet that aims to give you actual results in just 10 days.


The duration of this plan is usually a ten-day period. All through the metagenics detox diet, a person should eliminate many food groups in order to make this diet successful. During the first day, cut-off all kinds of food containing refined sugars, artificial colorings, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavorings, and all meats. On the second and third day, start eliminating all dairy foods, eggs, and gluten grains. On the fourth day, get rid of beans, nuts, and seeds. Lastly, eliminate legumes and most fruits containing high sugars during day five. Continue until the seventh day.


In this diet, you are allowed to eat three meals and two snacks per day. Your healthy diet meal plan should include only those foods allowed throughout this detoxification like raw greens, cruciferous vegetables, fresh pears, fresh apples, sugar-free apple juice, and sugar-free pear juice. On the eight day of the diet, you can start adding back some food items into your diet, such as fruits and white rice. During the ninth day, you are allowed to eat portioned amount of grains like quinoa, nuts, legumes, and millet.


Many of the instructors who support this kind of diet usually include the intake of medical food supplements to accompany your body. Some are in capsule form while some concentrated powder can be diluted in water. You may add those allowed fruits and vegetables to improve the taste. On days one to three consume one scoop twice a day. Starting from day four until seven, you should intake two scoops of concentrated supplement four times a day. Then for the remaining three days, decrease the numbers from four times to three times per day.


Apart from the usual 10-day metagenics detox plan, there is also a 28-day version of it. The difference between the two plans is the gradual pace of elimination and reintroduction of foods. In the 28-day version, common food allergens from the diet such as milk, cheese, grains with gluten, soy products, eggs, nuts and seeds are gradually eliminated during the first six days. Day seven to 13 are considered the proper detox days, while during the remaining days of the month you may start reintroducing foods into the diet. It is advised to drink at least eight glasses of water per day and have plenty of sleep.


If you try to internalize and analyze the process, you may doubt the whole plan. This detox diet is a controversial practice with limited scientific evidence. Based on a specific study, the science does not support the idea that organs trap toxins and require cleansing. By limiting the foods you eat, the metagenics diet may put you at risk of dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, hyperacidity, stomach upset and low energy.

Everybody wants to be healthy. But you need to assess yourself what kind of diet will be accepted by your body. Do it one step at a time and don't force your poor shell to be perfectly shaped instantly. Persistence, consistency, and discipline are the keys to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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