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This Man Only Eats what He Grows or Forge: No Excuse from Eating Healthy while Saving the Earth


This Man will only Eat what He Grows or Forge: No Excuse to be Healthy while Saving the Earth
This Man will only Eat what He Grows or Forge: No Excuse to be Healthy while Saving the Earth
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Rob Greenfield is a 33-year-old American adventurer, businessman, and environmental activist. He decided to fulfill his life purpose by inspiring the people to live healthy while keeping the Earth healthy as well. His unique strategy of spending his daily routine grabbed the attention of many people.

In fact, he also inspires others through writing and speaking. He became one of the ambassadors of One Percent for Planet and the  eventual founder of The Greenfield Group.  

Greenfield believes that food is growing all around us. It is truly overwhelming, or so he says, that if everyone will just open their eyes, they will come to see how many wonderful things one can do. Saving the Earth is not easy, but any simple contribution combined with consistency is the key.

Rob Greenfield has covered different places about a hundred miles away just to search for food around Orlando area usually using a wooden bike. He has travelled 49 states and discovered that food is growing anywhere. He went across Pennsylvania which happens to have flourishing mulberry trees all around the place. When he roams in southern California, Greenfield was able to find lots of loquats and kumquats. In Wisconsin, there are many apple, pear, and plum trees. He really takes note of the beautiful loquat trees so it's easy for him to go back in March or April. You just have to be the willing to save the Earth.

Rod Greenfield is not a newbie to environmental campaigns. He has spent most of his time in promoting issues relevant to preservation of the environment such as food waste, off-the-grid-living, recycling, and visual presentation.

Building a tiny homestead

Since Rob Greenfield lives in Florida, the first thing that he studied is the plants that work well in the area. He sought after the assistance of local farmers and visited the community gardens. Apart from that, he attended classes, watched YouTube tutorials, and read books about the traditional vegetables and native florals than could grow healthy in Florida.

Rob Greenfield started from nothing until he was able to grow and search 100% of his food without going to the supermarket. Nurturing the local knowledge is of great help.

Fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides won't do any good

Well, this is not about the organic thingy. But there are these things that endanger the quality of natural resources. Apart from the traffic that polluted the air and the plastics that polluted the water, fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides are contaminating the food and water source. Imagine where the residues of 1 billion pounds of pesticides a year will go.

Doing this kind of advocacy is really hard. You need to be dedicated and persevere to accomplish everything you want to achieve. Helping the Earth is like finding natural gold in the sand. When you see the fruit of your labor, the fulfillment is truly remarkable. There must be no excuse if you really want to make a channge.

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