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Your Digital Study Buddy: The Best Apps for College Students


Your Digital Study Buddy: The Best Apps for College Students

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Today, apps can help improve your education and make college a breeze. Which apps do you need? Here are the best apps for college students.

Studying in college is hard, but it doesn't have to give you a headache. The way to stay organized and ace every test is to use all the resources you have available. For college students today, that means downloading as many different apps as you can.

There are hundreds of apps out there for college students, but some are more helpful than others.

If you want to use apps to make studying more manageable, but aren't sure where to start, keep reading to learn more about the best apps for college students. 

The Six Best Apps for College Students 

Do you have an app stack that helps you study? An app stack is a group of apps that help you run your life, complete assignments on time and study with ease. Your app stack will mostly be determined by your major. For example, tech-focused students will want a saas stack, while liberal arts majors will have different needs. 

To help you get started building your list of go-to apps, here are five of the best apps for college students in any major:

1. Grammarly 

Every college student will have to write a paper or two, even if they're not an English major. Grammarly is a great tool to help you proofread your work and avoid getting points taken off your grade for careless mistakes. 

2. Duolingo 

Duolingo is the perfect tool when you're struggling to get through your foreign language requirement. The app is free (there's also a premium version if you don't mind paying) and will help you master popular languages like Spanish, French, German and many more. 

3. CliffsNotes 

You don't always have time to do the reading, so CliffsNotes has your back. You've probably seen CliffsNotes in bookstores, but they also have an app so you can easily access their notes from anywhere. 

4. Brainscape 

Flashcards the perfect study tool, but no one has time to make them by hand anymore. Brainscape saves you time and money on notecards, so you can easily make flashcards right in the app. If you're feeling extra lazy, you can also browse flashcards others have made in just about any subject. 

5. Mint 

A successful college career isn't just about studying. Now is the perfect time to build good financial habits as well. Mint is a budgeting app that's easy to use and helps you track where your money is going in real-time. With Mint, you'll know exactly how much you can spend at the bar celebrating your good grades. 

6. Headspace 

College is a stressful time of life, so it's the perfect time to learn stress management techniques such as mindfulness meditation.

Headspace is a guided meditation app that helps you take a study break and relax. Taking a few minutes to yourself will help you focus better and feel less anxious when big tests come up. 

Learn More College Study Tips 

No one enjoys studying for exams or writing papers, but the best apps for college students will streamline your routine and help you study smarter, not harder. 

But apps are just one tool that you'll need to survive college with passing grades. Make sure you check out the rest of our website for more helpful college tips. We've got every resource you need, whether you're about to be a freshman or struggling with senioritis. 

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