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Man Dies After Eating 41 Eggs to Win a Bet Against a Friend


Man dies after eating 41 eggs for bet with friend
Man dies after eating 41 eggs for bet with friend
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A man died wanting to settle a disagreement with a friend by attempting to eat 50 eggs.

The pair was visiting the Bibiganj market area located in Uttar Pradesh's Jaunpur district, in India. Then the colleagues began to have an argument.

To settle the dispute, they agreed on a Rs2,000 (£22) bet each and the first one who could finish to eat 50 eggs in one sitting will win.

Eating boiled eggs every day is good for everyone's but in moderation.

The Police said that Subhash Yada collapsed when he started eating his 42nd egg and fell unconsciously.

The 42-year-old man was rushed straight to the hospital but died just hours later.

The doctors believe that the cause of his death is overeating.

Unfortunately, his family has nothing to say about his death.

Last August, Dana Hutchings also dies after choking and accidently hit his face on the table at a taco-eating contest in California.

Medical staff tried to clear airway of food but he immediately died less than half an hour after arriving at hospital.

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Here are some facts that you also need to know about eggs:

Brown Eggs Are More Expensive Than the White Ones, But It's Not Because of Their Health Benefits

Well, globally speaking brown eggs are usually more expensive than white eggs but it doesn't mean that brown eggs have higher quality than the other. Generally, brown eggs' price is higher because the hens that lay them are of bigger breeds than the white-egg-laying chickens. Thus, they incur more food. Therefore, the additional material and labor costs of production per egg are passed onto the end consumers.

'Cage-free' Eggs May Come from Hens That Live in Cages

This may sound as a slogan for animal cruelty. But many consumers believed the "cage-free" label on egg cartons means that the chickens laying these eggs are free to walk around the farm and eat organic food. Sadly, it's even not close enough to the truth. "Cage Free" means hens are required to have a minimum of 120 square inches per chicken. Can you imagine how narrow is that to be free? So it's better to check out the story behind every product you consume if your purpose is far more beyond eating those items.

All Eggs Are Hormone-free

Even though many brands highlight that their eggs are free of hormones, this claim is not special at all. It's like saying that ice is cold. Way back in 1950s, FDA already banned the use of hormones in all poultry just to cater mass production.

Grade AA Eggs Are Best for Poaching

Have you ever wonder why others can poach eggs are better for you? As stated by USDA guidelines for grading eggs, AA quality eggs contained clearer and firmer egg whites. Egg white to be considered with quality egg whites should be clean and reasonably firm. Because AA quality eggs have the firmest egg whites of its varieties, fresh AA eggs are the best ones for poaching. You can achieve an easily prepared poached egg all the time.

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