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Boy allegedly forced to urinate in front of classroom, made to wear garbage bags


Boy allegedly forced to urinate in front of classroom, made to wear garbage bags
Boy allegedly forced to urinate in front of classroom, made to wear garbage bags
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In our everyday life, minor embarrassments are just normal part of living. But for a boy, forced urinating in front of his classmates is a serious case that can lead to anxiety and avoidance.

It can be very upsetting, but parents can't protect their children from embarrassment. Even at school, there is no assurance that the kids are totally free from discrimination just what like happened to this boy.

A complaint was filed by the kid's parents. The teacher allegedly disallowed their child to go out and the boy was forced to pee into a bin in front of his classmates. His clothes were also soaked on his own urine.

This just happened recently, when the boy was attending Manhattan Place Elementary School.  The 8-year-old-kid asked his teachers permission to use the bathroom and was told "no". The boy approached the teacher for the second time and was instructed to pee in the trashcan.

The family's lawyer, Toni Jaramilla, said that instead of letting him go freely to the bathroom, the teacher forced the poor boy to urinate in a trashcan in front of her classmates inside the classroom. Inexplicably, the teacher placed two trash bags on the boy which caused further embarrassment.

The lawsuit alleges that a third incident occurred 4 months later in March of this year when the boy approached a substitute teacher to use that bathroom and then forcibly locked him out of the classroom.

The boy has been moved out of Manhattan Place Elementary to another elementary school but his mother says he never forgets about the incident.

Mongol said that he cannot understand why the adults do this to him. It seems like the child is traumatized about what happened and that extreme negligence should bear damages.

The family's attorney said that it is necessary for every employee to have some kind of training and sensitivity -- and just compliance -- with what the school board implements, or puts out there, with regard to allowing access to bathrooms.

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The school district says it is doing the best action possible enough to solve this case. The school notified law enforcement when it first learned of the allegation and is conducting an administrative investigation.

Apart from the first incident, the issue was worsened because of another teacher whom the boy asked for help. Unfortunately, she just proceeded to place a garbage bag on him to make an example out of him of what you should not do at school, instead of calling his parents and tell them to bring a change of clothes.

The lawsuit is still ongoing, may the responsible party pay for the incident.

The boy's mother, Sonia Mongol, was really disappointed with what happened to her child. It is not easy to forget this kind of happening, especially when you believe that those who should protect you are the ones that can harm you.

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