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Every company has a sales department, and they're usually the most overworked of any staff. The thing is, sales people live in a dog-eat-dog world. There's always another salesperson trying to steal your clients and cripple your business.

Sometimes the pressure comes from other companies, and sometimes it comes from within your own workplace. Sales staff are constantly on the lookout for new techniques to reel in clients before they're poached by a competitor. It's certainly not an easy job, but sometimes sales people over complicate things. Now, before you get defensive and staunchly declare your new sales strategies are revolutionary, hear us out.

Maybe you've invented the next big thing in sales, however, that doesn't mean you can forget the basics. Negotiation will forever be a sales person's greatest weapon. The ability to make compromises and close deals is the epitome of a sales job. 

Read through these negotiation skills to increase your sales before talking to your next client with invested capital funds.


A successful sales person wears many hats. Human nature states that not everyone will become friends, or even tolerate each other. It's a fact of the human existence. However, sales culture pays human nature no mind, and demands that you form a friendly relationship with your clients.

Make sure to look past client indiscretions and always give the benefit of the doubt. Also, remember that people gravitate towards those they trust. If a simple sentence affects trust, an entire personality can solidify it.

Identify Your Client's Motivation

Always find out the why behind your client's contract. Sure, you know they're looking to sign an offer, but that's obvious. Your job is to look beyond the offer and determine why they've chosen your company above all others.

For example, maybe the client came to you because your company offers excellent bulk discounts. That motivation is now your tool. When negotiations start, you're already aware of their end game. The client might attempt to tack on discounts and perks as part of your deal, but you don't need to accept those.

After all, you already know what they want. Reject the add ons and offer the client a discount on bulk product. Chances are good the client will take the bait and walk home happy, while you tally down another sale.

Show Past Success

Clients reveal your company is among their best options by virtue of starting negotiations. Half the battle is already won. They know you're a viable option, and you know you're the best option. The only thing left is to convince them to sign on the dotted line.

Start by showing clients case studies of your company's past successes working with others in their industry. The goal is to show the client that your company is ready and able to fulfil the contract to exceptional standards. This can also help you justify a higher price. Exceptional results warrant increased capital. Case studies relate back to the trust aspect we discussed earlier. A track record of positive results can increase your company's trustworthiness.

Sales is a tough business to succeed in. At its very core the name of the game is undercut your neighbor. Because of this ruthlessness, sometimes sales professionals get lost in inventing new ways to secure clients. Innovation is always positive, but remember, the basics are called the basics for a reason.

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