Best Jobs for College Students Who Need Financial Support

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Based on a study at Georgetown University's Center on Education, about 70% of college students work part-time jobs. With the increasing cost of college education and the higher expenses of living away from family, it is the alternative choice of many to work while studying.

Of course, maintaining employment during the demanding schedules in school, some employers agree to a flexible schedule or make arrangements with the working student. Fortunately, there is a variety of jobs that offer night shifts or weekend hours for students.

To give our collegiate readers an idea, we have compiled a few great jobs for college students on and off-campus. Although there are many jobs available, these are the ones we find as an easy-hire and will keep the student financially okay throughout university life.

  • Tutor

We all have strengths and weaknesses. And surely we can use those strengths to help other students who are weak in a particular school subject. Tutoring jobs can be found in a variety of places: in peer-tutoring programs organized in the university, at private firms, or even remotely through different platforms online. The best thing about tutoring is the flexibility of the schedule. The tutor and learner can just agree to a certain time convenient for both.

The types of tutoring could be subject tutoring, test preparation, essay coaching, or language tutorial for foreign students. Tutors make between $30 to $85, depending on experience and negotiation with the client.

  • Campus Tour Guide

We often see student guides providing tours on campus. You may apply to the university's admin office to fill this position. There are also city tour guide jobs that are fitting for college students who are familiar with the city's touristic and historic spots. This could be a position appropriate for students majoring in communication, arts, or history. As a bonus, most tour guides are rewarded with cash tips by tourists at the end of the tour. On average, a tour guide can earn $13 per hour.

  • Interpreter or Translator 

Interpreter and translator jobs are great for fully bilingual college students. Translators typically work with written text for institutions and or private individuals. This work can even be remote and the outputs are often sent via email.

Interpreters, however, are often required to work in-person at different venues, events or meetings including schools, courthouses, or medical facilities. This job requires you to be available on-call and does not have to interfere with your class schedules.

The pay is, of course, high but it is negotiable between the interpreter and the client. Surely, this is a good way to earn.

  • Administrative Assistant

The university often needs administrative assistants who can complete paperwork and other documents. Companies are also hiring administrative assistants and they do provide professional office environments that can give college students a training ground. This job is a great fit for students who are pursuing careers in accounting, office management, and human resource among others. An administrative assistant roughly makes $13 per hour.

  • Virtual Assistant

In our era of the internet, anything can be done remotely using online platforms and other software programs that make work easier. This job is almost the same as an administrative assistant. A personal assistant, or now commonly known as a virtual assistant, is a computer-savvy admin associate who helps busy professionals with their daily tasks like scheduling, setting appointments, communication, research, marketing, and more.

This job is fitting for any college student who is skilled, organized, have a knack in computer programs, and has administrative experience. The average pay for a virtual assistant is $15.64 per hour.

  • Food Service Worker

Waiting tables is one of the most common side jobs of college students. Skills that you can use to qualify as a food service worker are: Taking orders, serving foods, making drinks, food preparation, handling payment, bartending, slinging espresso drinks, and washing. Hourly pay for food service workers varies in every state but most make minimum wage base pay plus tips, especially during the peak season or the holidays. 

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