10 Bad Habits That Are Damaging To The Brain

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The brain is a very complex circuitry of neurons and is considered as one of the most vital organs in our body.  All of us cannot do well academically if we have problems with our brains. Obviously, we need to take care of it and mental health is becoming a main discussion at the forefront. So how do we really take care of the brain and use its optimal power?

Here are 10 of the most common habits that are detrimental to the brain's well-being:

1.       No Breakfast:

Breakfast, as we all know, is very important.  Skipping breakfast can harm your brain as there were long hours without food during sleep. Lack of sugar and nutrients can deplete the supply of oxygen and other trace minerals to the brain. The brain and the digestive system are still at work when you are asleep and there is a need to replenish needed nutrients after you wake up.

2.       Overreacting:

As a cliché goes, "Choose your battles". You do not need to react to everything you see, hear or smell. Sometimes, stress comes from responding to stimuli that are even down to the nitty-gritty. Let your opinionated self take a rest. Let your mind be at peace and always react to more important things that are life-changing. If it doesn't cost you anything, learn to ignore. Stress is the number one trigger of diseases.

3.       Smoking:

This is not new to all of us. Smoking really kills. And with the thousands of toxic substances you can get from smoking, your brain can eventually malfunction. The poisonous ingredients and the lack of healthful oxygen to your brain can damage neurons. Brain cancer is also linked to smoking so you better quit the vice.

4.       High Sugar Diet:

Well, sugar is need for combustion and energy. However, excessive sugar intake can also damage the brain. You have to follow a well-balanced diet so you can avoid getting too much glucose in the blood, which eventually can hyper-activate your brain. Sugar is addictive and it may also cause diabetes among other conditions.

5.       Air Pollution:

The brain is a large organ that uses a lot of oxygen to be able to supply nutrients to different parts of the central nervous system. Unclean air may cause headaches, nausea and other symptoms that will lead to numerous health problems. Breathing in clean air is vital to our existence.  

6.       Sleep Deprivation:

Sleep is the body's mechanism to keep it in check. During sleep, the body replaces dead cells and repairs tissues so that it can work perfectly again. The brain needs enough sleep to repair neurons and give time for rest to maintain overall balance.

7.       Working Your Brain During Illness:

Rest is very important especially when you are down with flu or any common illness. Doctors would always advise their patients to take ample rest and working is big no-no. The brain can get stressed if you are working during an illness.

8.       Lack of Creative Work or Stimulating Thoughts:

The brain is a huge factory of imaginative thoughts and we are creative beings because of it. Lack of challenging mental exercise or work may lead to dullness and loss of memory. It is a natural occurrence to think or use the mind as often as we can.

9.       Talking Rarely:

Communication is the outlet of our thoughts. Without talking or sharing what we know, we can experience mental stress and some behavioral problems. Social interaction is highly encouraged especially with people who are depressed among other mental issues.

10.   Excessive Use of Gadgets and Radiation:

Radiation from gadgets and other electronic devices emits invisible signals that can actually affect the frequency that our own brain produces. Radiation produces magnetic fields and vibration that can harm the brain. Use your smartphones and computers moderately.

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