Do Eye Exercises Improve Your Vision?


Many are suffering from poor eyesight. Since your eyes have muscles, you can suddenly feel sore when you held them in one position for too long, just like any muscles of the body. Blurred vision can be a result of genetic eye disorders or other stressors like improper reading and prolonged exposure to gadgets.

So do eye exercises improve your vision?

The truth is it can temporarily improve your vision, especially during eye strains. Relaxation is good and you can feel it calming every nerve inside. But what you should keep in mind is that it can never normalize your eyesight again.

Do Eye Exercises Improve Your Vision?
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Do Eye Exercises Improve Your Vision?

Because the damage has been done it is better to have regular eye exams to prevent other circumstances that might arise from your poor habits.

Hence, if you need urgent relief from eye strains, you can do these exercises for the meantime:

  •  Palming

Rub your hands for about 30 seconds or until they are warm and place them over your eyelids gently. Let the warmth of your hands transfer onto the eyes. You can feel the eye muscles relax as your eyes find comfort with your warm palms. Continue until the heat of your hands has been completely absorbed by the eyes. Try palming 3-5 times.

  •  Blinking

Make yourself comfortable while sitting. Open your eyes and start blinking 10-15 times as fast as you can. Close your eyes and let it relax for 30 seconds. Do it 4-5 times. 

  •  Zooming

This eye exercise can be compared to camera lenses. This will make your eyes shift the focus of your vision. Sit on a chair comfortably and get a pencil or pen. Place them on the eye-level with your arm outstretched. Then, bend your arm gradually and draw it closer it to your eyes slowly. Zooming can be done for up to five times.

  •  Shifting

Shifting is simply moving your eyes by rotating the eyeballs from one direction to another. Look to your right corner and then take a swift shift in the opposite direction. In this exercise, your tiny muscles are getting more active and healthy as the blood will properly flow in the veins. Repeat it 10-15 times.

  •  Eye massage

This simple exercise will reduce eye strain and dryness. Sit straight and tilt your head back a little. Close your eyes and place your index and middle fingers gently on each eyelid. Move the right finger in the clockwise direction and the left one in the opposite direction. Do it 10 times.

Having poor eyesight is such an awful experience. It can last for a lifetime and you have to deal with it every second of the day. It's better to give your muscles an appropriate break from time to time and you will be grateful over the years. Eye exercises can increase your productivity and may eliminate headaches and migraines. Prevention is always better than cure and it is proven by time.

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