10 Best Colleges for Students Who Love Golf

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10 Best Colleges for Students Who Love Golf

Photo : 10 Best Colleges for Students Who Love Golf

If you are no longer a student, you can always check the best Espiche Golf Course for a great golfing experience. However for students who are golf enthusiasts, choosing a college that will give you opportunities to play the game would be very helpful. Now that you may not be in a position to access an Espiche Golf Course, you definitely need a college that will support you in your golf ambitions. Here are 10 best colleges for students who love golf:

1. Arizona State University

The Arizona State University boasts of golf activities at the Karsten Golf Course and has been recognized by great golfers throughout history. Students who want to study as they learn how to play golf have ASU as a great choice for their golf pursuits. 

2. University Of Florida

This college has produced great golfers who have managed to win major championships. Notable alumni who have become champions include Mark Calcavecchia who won the British Open and others who excelled like him. This is a good reason enough to consider the University of Florida. 

3. Yale University 

The one reason why students would choose Take University is because of its fine campus golf course and not necessarily the collegiate golfers to have gone through the same college. You need an institution with facilities that will propel you to the next phase in golfing. 

4. University of Texas

The University of Texas has a rich golf history dating back in 1970 when great golf teams emerged from this prestigious college. With this culture already part of the institution, students can easily blend in and get great experience with golfing activities. It is a great place to use as a Golf guide for beginners.

5. Ohio State University

With great names like Jack Nicklaus in the alumni list, any student who loves golf would want to join the Ohio State University. They have a historic golf course that has been revamped in recent years and that shows the institution's commitment towards golf. 

6. Stanford University

The Stanford Golf Course is a renowned facility associated with Stanford University. Most importantly, it is linked to great enthusiasts and players like Tiger Woods, Tom Watson and several others. It is definitely a good choice for students who love golf. 

7. University Of California, Los Angeles

This college has grown many talents including the NCAA players of the year namely Duffy Waldorf and Corey Pavin. It is an affordable facility for students who have a lot to tap from the culture of golfing already established in a rewarding environment. 

8. University Of Georgia

Students at the University of Georgia can play in the fine 18-hole course of the college. The college boasts of this track which stands out to be the only one to have hosted a event. There is a much thrilling environment to help learners grow their skill fast and efficiently.

9. Wake Forest

As home to a host of golfing activities in North Carolina, the Wake Forest is a prime location for students who love golf. Although they may not be allowed to play there, students can get to Pinehurst to do their golfing. 

10. University Of Michigan

Michigan presents the right environment for students to study looking at possible distractions that exist in other places. There are two golf courses on the campus and that presents great opportunities for students who are golf enthusiasts. 

Final Thoughts

The choice of a college with a passion for golf is key for students who love golf. For that reason, it is important to make sure that you identify good options that will suit your pursuits. 

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