Rockets’ Gerald Green Expected to Be Out of the Games for Months



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Reserve swingman of the Houston Rockets, Gerald Green, has had his foot broken. According to sources, he may be out of the league for an extended period missing almost the entire stretch. 

Green was injured during a pre-season game where the Rocket's won over the Toronto Raptors in Japan on Thursday. His team confirmed that they will be seeking medical opinions to confirm the condition and determine the best course to take for a full recovery. 

Green and his team of advisors are currently evaluating rehabilitation options offered by medical professionals after evaluating his condition. Though there is no confirmation, they are suggesting that surgery may be on the table too. 

Either therapy or surgery, Green looks like he is going to miss a huge chunk of the season. The team may need to rework on their play. At the moment, he is listed as "out indefinitely." Green earned an average of 9.2 points off the bench and his performance helped the team earn their spot in the league. 

His management team remains hopeful that his foot will be fine and that he would not require any surgery at all. If the doctors recommend that he gets a surgery, he will be out of the games for months and won't be back until he has fully recovered. 

Green's absence in the team will deplete the wing depth that Rockets is known for. It was recently a cause of concern as if there was something going on within the team. The depth of the wings of others is far greater, but his performance as an athlete has already earned Green the respect and adoration of his fans and other colleagues in the game. 

However, his absence may also be opening doors of opportunity for Gary Clark and Ben McLemore. Yet analysts say these two are still far from being relevant in a 12-team league and a roster of 13 spots. 

The news of his broken foot was first reported in the Athletic. Gerald Green threw down a back-to-back slam. However, after a few minutes of possession, he started limping and was forced out of the game. The spectators were wondering what happened as he left the game without any announcement. It was unclear exactly what the star player was dealing with. 

His handlers decided not to make any announcements on his condition until they've spoken to a medical professional who can clarify the condition. Once his condition was confirmed by a medical team, Green's management team immediately made a statement on his condition. They announced that they are waiting for confirmation if surgery will be needed. Soon after, they said they'd be able to make an announcement as to the course of treatment Green decides on. 

Athletes like Gerald Green are often at risk for injuries. At the height of the game, all they could focus on is how to make it an entertaining one for their spectators who came to watch it live. Hopefully, his condition gets better. Whether he decides to undergo surgery or not, what is best is that he is presented with the best course of action that will get him back in court. 

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