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Football Star Darius Slay Announces that He'll Be Watching the Crosstown Showdown



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It's really happening!

After much deliberation, Darius Slay, Detroit Lions cornerback, has made it official. The two-time Pro Bowler from Detroit will be attending the Crosstown Showdown on Friday. 

Born in Brunswick, Georgia, this 28-year old athlete is at the prime of his career. He was drafted into the Lions during the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Before that, he played at the college football league as part of the Mississippi State team. From what seemed like a simple hobby of playing football with his friends back in college, Slay has earned his share of stardom with skills and hard work. 

Slay has built his career slowly with his heart in every game. 

On Wednesday, in a tweet, Slay said he was torn between two events and is deciding on whether to watch the match-up between Warren de la Salle vs. Davinson at Wayne State or the one between Port Huron and Port Huron Northern. 

Several fans of the Blue Water Area replied to his tweet and encouraged him to take the drive up in I-94 to see the Huskies and the Big Reds battle for the Brick Fowler trophy. Everyone is excited at the thought of seeing him in person. Watching either of these two games will not only drive in more fans to the stadium, but it will surely be one for the books. 

Apparently, Slay has come up with a decision. In yet another tweet, he said, "I will be attending the Port Huron game tomorrow! Friday Night Lights!"

It is definitely an announcement everyone has been waiting for. Slay has made his decision official. He is now expected to drive to town and watch the game with the rest of the supporters of the two teams. 

Theo Ellis quickly showed Slay some support for choosing to go to St. Claire Country for the Friday game.

A tweet that Ellis had posted reads, "You won't regret watching the games."

"That's for sure!" Slay had posted in response. 

These Twitter exchanges between two superstars got the fans too excited for Friday night.

Theo Ellis is the bassist for Wolf Alice, an English rock band. Their band was nominated for the Mercury Music Award in 2015 for My Love is Cool, the band's debut album. 

The game in question which is happening on Friday is setiIn the Macomb Area Conference- Blue, with both teams at 5-1 and 3-0. The winner of the said game will be clinching a berth in the post-season with a share of the conference title and will walk away with the bragging rights of a winner until the games start again next year. Not to mention that the winner will be celebrating at the after-party with Darius Slay. 

The stats of game is already proving to be exciting. What makes it better is that while the fans will be rooting for their own teams, everyone is going to have a lot of fun with the thought that Darius Slay is watching with them. Since Slay did not say anything, everyone will be wondering which team he would be rooting for. Even so, the excitement continues and the fans of both teams have one thing to say to this sports superstar:

Welcome to the Memorial Stadium, Darius! Your presence makes the games even more special!

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