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5 of the Coolest Halloween Costumes Everyone Would Love, According To Google



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There's only a few weeks left before the Halloween, so everyone's excited to play dress up and go for Trick or Treat. Some of the best icons of all time like Steve Jobs will be a staple character in Halloween parties. But Google recently published its list of the top 500 costumes for Halloween 2019 based on their own algorithm. They called it the Freightgeist. 

The list will also give readers an idea which states or cities the costumes are most popularly used. So, if someone wants to stand out from the crowd, the Freightgeist is definitely the list to check before they make a purchase. 

The list contains a wide range of costumes from the sexy type of 'Beyond Burger' to the famous and infamous tech founders. The likes of Elizabeth Holmes or Steve Jobs are likely to show up in any Halloween party. Their styles may be minimalist, but they did make it to the list because of their popularity. 

So which costume is the best? Here are the top 5 coolest Halloween costumes everyone should consider:

Top 1: Fortnite

Nationally, Fortnite ranked 7, so it won't be a surprise if in one or most of the Halloween parties that would have one or more people with costumes inspired by the game. 

Top 2: Minecraft

Young and old alike have fallen in love with video games this year and Minecraft has just made it to the list. In fact, it ranked #47 nationwide. Family and friends and come together as MInecraft characters and they would look really cool. 

Top 3: Pikachu 

Who doesn't like Pikachu? It would be surprising to know if there is one, because he ended up in the list of the moderately popular character choices. At #62 in the list, there will surely be a friend or two who would dress up as Pikachu at any Halloween party. It's best to be prepared for it. 

Top 4: VSCO Girl

This they say is the easiest to become on Halloween. A HydroFlask in one hand and a scrunchie on the other and every girl would be good to go. It is simple, comfortable, and perfect to spend the rest of the night partying like there's no tomorrow. At #74, comfort meets style!

Top 5: Naruto

Finishing at #106, Naruto remains to be one of the most chosen costumes of all time. Friends and family can dress up as the characters in this series and everyone will be in awe. For those who want to look strong yet cool, then dressing up as Naruto should be it. 

What's the fun in Halloween? It's the only time in the year when everyone can be who they want to be. Regular college students can become the most powerful creatures in the universe for one night. Not only do these characters make a good statement costume, but almost everyone is fond of it. Wearing a costume inspired by the game will gain anyone instant celebrity status. 

Halloween is all about the night of having fun. Be sure to come prepared for it. The party will surely be a lot of fun.

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