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6 Tips to Become a Successful Architecture Student


The modern world needs more successful architectures. Our planet is evolving at an exuberantly fast pace while technology is shaping the living standards every single day. 

Architecture is one of the most important fields of education that prepares its students for critical responsibilities. This isn't a line of business, but rather a necessary industry that we all rely on. The work of an architect must not only satisfy the client's needs and wants but must also provide a high degree of safety.

Nevertheless, the architecture industry is constantly revolutionized by new techniques and building materials. The improved CAD technology diversifies the student work, allowing him to put more focus on developing UX design that facilitates out-of-the-box solutions and plenty of brand-new prototype ideas. 

In today's post, I'm sharing 6 insightful tips on how to become a successful architecture student. Let these tips sink in and do your best to apply them on a consistent basis!

Skills Are Your Most Important Investment

The most successful architects possess specific skills that they leverage on an everyday basis. The key to developing a successful career as an architect is to niche down and establish the skills that you want to master. 

If you love model making, try to get an internship that allows you to develop this skill every day. If you're great at graphics, seek to gain knowledge and skills in this direction. Focus on something and get good at it. One lesson I've learned while working as an essay writer at Edubirdie is that the faster you master a skill the quicker you'll be able to land high-paying clients or highly satisfying jobs.

Learn Balance and Get Good at Prioritizing

To be an effective architect, you must develop life-work balance skills. Throughout college, you must learn how to take care of both your personal and academic life. Students deal with many critical responsibilities while trying to learn architecture, mainly because this field presents a lot of unexpected troubles. It is similar to coding - when a line of code goes wrong, the IT professional must quickly seek solutions. That's a lot of hard work!

To learn balance and moderation, you need to master the art of prioritizing. This skill involves planning and self-discipline. For example, if you decide to work for two hours straight and then meet your family for lunch, do not hesitate to follow through even if you haven't finished your work. Learn to respect your priorities and make sure you never sacrifice your health in order to excel at work.

Be a Creative Problem Solver

Many architecture students are getting frustrated because they either lack math skills or drawing skills. You don't have to be Thomas Edison or Picasso to become an excellent architect. 

What you need, though, is creative problem-solving skills. Your job is to design buildings. Clients will often tell you that something needs to be changed or fixed. If you get good at figuring out the solutions, you'll hardly ever have problems in your career. 

Never Procrastinate on Your Assignments

When I needed to choose assignment assistance, I have got to witness the true importance of self-discipline and commitment. Most of the students I've worked with were always making their college lives harder simply because they didn't want to assume responsibility and build self-discipline.

As an architecture student, work will become your second nature. Since you're always going to be bombarded by challenging assignments, you need to develop strong willpower that'll keep procrastination away. Success in this field can never be achieved by procrastinators. Keep that in mind!

Find a Mentor

"There's nothing new under the sun". What this means is that you'll always find someone who's better than you at certain topics and skills. To advance in the architecture field, you should constantly try to learn from the experiences of others. 

Finding a mentor is one of the most important steps in your architecture career. A mentor's experience will allow you to learn a skill in two months rather than two years. A mentor's guidance will allow you to fix a problem in one hour rather than twelve. Find a mentor that genuinely wants to help you and you'll grow faster than you ever imagined.

Look for Inspiration in Everything

Once you decide to be an architect, you should decide to pay attention to absolutely every interesting building and design that comes in your way. Inspiration is key to greater success, and those who seek it will often improve their creativity and problem-solving skills. 

Start reading books and consistently study the great architects of the past. Once you find a successful architect which truly resonates with your style, everything will change for the better!


The life of an architect is full of wonders. Joys, satisfactions, fulfillments, but also a lot of problems, challenges, and setbacks. As a young architecture student, the best thing you can do is broaden your perspective and adopt long-term thinking. 

Acknowledge that being an architect is one of the toughest jobs out there and that success in this field demands knowledge, skills, and a powerful mindset. Keep working on yourself - now and forever!

BIO: Emma Rundle is an architect student, journalist, and academic writer. While she was in high-school, all she could think about was to become a successful young woman that will work in a successful architecture company. Nowadays, Emma is slowly shifting towards education practices and tutorship.

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