How To Maintain A Long-Distance Relationship


Going to college is a difficult experience, especially if you are in a relationship and you're going away to study in another state or even another country.

If you're willing to make your relationship work while going to college, you have to make some sacrifices and learn some tips that will help your relationship stay alive. Here are some tips that will help your partner and you feel good about long-distance.

Communication Is Vital

To make your ties to your significant other stay strong, you have to learn how to communicate with your partner. Communication tools have evolved amazingly over the years, so now you have many ways to stay in touch, even through long distances.  Before, people had to send letters to their loved ones and hope for an answer, but now you can see your loved ones through a screen!

Try to speak with your partner at least once a day. We strongly recommend having a long video chat at night to keep them up-to-date with the things you did that day; this will make your partner feel loved and cared for.

Send Unexpected Gifts

Do you want to make your partner feel special? Send them little gifts to cheer them up! Sending gifts internationally is easier than you think, just contact a company in the country you want, and order a gift. 

For example, if your girlfriend lives in Sweden but you want to send her some flowers, simply contact a flower delivery in Sweden, and they'll make sure that she receives it! Or, send her a specific plant using a service like

Trust in your Partner

A relationship without trust is like a phone without internet: you end up only playing games. If you really want to make your long-distance relationship work, you need to learn how to trust them blindly. This is not going to work if you're constantly worrying about what they're doing or who they're with. 

Trust is key in any relationship, but when you do not see your loved one, things can get a little complicated. You must understand that they are going to live their life, and if your partner truly loves you, they will respect you. 

If you start being controlling or jealous of everyone that comes near them, it's time that you take a step back and analyze if being in this relationship is healthy for you.

Schedule a Surprise Visit

If you find yourself missing your loved one excessively, simply wait for the nearest holiday and schedule a visit!

It's always fun if they don't know you're coming, so the visit is even better! The anticipation of seeing your partner is going to light you up, and it will make your relationship even stronger. 

Final Thoughts

Being in a long-distance relationship is like being on a rollercoaster; even when things get tough, you always enjoy the ride. Missing your loved one is going to make your moments together more valuable and your bond will be stronger, so stop worrying and make it work!

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