How CBD Oil Is Affected By High Fat Food


CBD oil is rapidly becoming one of the most popular consumer goods to have hit markets in recent years. With cannabis also becoming more commonly accepted across the United States and other parts of the developed world, it stands to reason that CBD products will remain in high demand for the foreseeable future. Many consumers who are very interested in a full spectrum cbd oil products are nevertheless totally unfamiliar with them and hesitant to embrace a peculiar new substance.

Luckily, doing your homework can introduce you to the facts behind CBD oil and why it's so effective. Here's how CBD oil is affected by high fat foods, and what you'll want to know before trying it for the first time. 

High fat foods bolster CBD effects

Just how exactly do high fat foods affect CBD products? In general, high fat foods drastically bolster the effects produced by the consumption of CBD products, as studies have discovered absorption levels spike upwards when CBD users consumed a large amount of fatty food before ingesting the CBD product in question. For the most part, research centered on CBD products has mainly pertained to how they can be used as a medicinal treatment for injured or sick patients, but additional research focusing on recreational and other consumer uses of CBD products are sure to spring forward sooner rather than later.

According to New Atlas, researchers are quite confident that the uptick in CBD absorption is directly linked to an increased consumption of fat-rich foods. This is particularly important for the future medical breakthroughs, as CBD products are being embraced so eagerly right now partly because of how helpful they are to sick and injured patients incapable of finding alternative treatment methods. 

Understanding the basic facts behind your average CBD dosage isn't easy for everyone, but it's not too difficult to parse just why having larger amounts of fatty foods in your system leads to differing dosage effects. According to a research brief provided by the University of Minnesota, for instance, CBD users who took CBD capsules on an empty stomach reported feeling fewer and less impactful effects than those users who consumed capsules after a fat-rich breakfast. 

This could be because the amount of fat in your system impacts the overall consistency of the drug concentration in your blood. By having more or less fat in your system, you're altering the degree to which the CBD is prevalent in your bloodstream, which subsequently carries it across your body to deliver its effects. 

Expect more CBD research to arrive soon 

CBD is becoming widely-accepted at an incredible rate. According to one survey recently conducted by Gallup, for instance, as many as 1 in 7 Americans already use CBD products. We can thus expect a glut of CBD-related research to arrive soon as the commercial and medical opportunities to exploit CBD products become more plentiful. Scientists are relatively confident that differing levels of fat can impact the degree to which epilepsy patients derive benefits from CBD products, but the extent of our knowledge remains limited, partially thanks to the prohibited status of cannabis which renders research impossible in many areas.

In short, fatty meals can increase the extent to which your body absorbs CBD. Given that not all meals contain the same amount of fat, however, the CBD-bolstering effects of fatty foods can vary greatly. For those struggling with an unhealthy diet, reviewing the CDC's official webpage for healthy eating for a healthy weight can be useful resource. When enjoying or experimenting with CBD products, remember that fat-rich diets can produce unhealthy effects in other areas of your life, like increasing your blood pressure. 

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