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The Use of Email and Social Media Marketing


When you start constructing your marketing plan, you need to understand that email and social media marketing go hand and hand. If you choose to focus on both tools, your business will see exponential growth in all areas. By understanding the structure behind email marketing, you will be able to implement your success onto the social media platform of your choice.

You can use resources like a Facebook advertising company to incorporate the effectiveness of your testing with email marketing. This is just one of many ways both tactics can be used together. Let's look at how email and social media marketing work best. 

The Basics

Before you start implementing your email marketing onto your social media pages, you need to understand how this type of marketing operates. In order to target a specific audience, build a trusted brand and keep customers coming back you need to focus on the following tools in your email marketing strategy:

  • Killer subject lines

  • Know your audience

  • Send automated/trigger emails

  • A/B testing

Once you have a solid platform within your email marketing you can start using the results you collect to improve your social media outlets. Catchy subject lines can be tested within your email to see which works best, and then can be integrated into your Facebook posts. You can experiment by testing image effectiveness via email as well. 

Incorporating It All

Having a targeted audience is not only important when sending emails, but it is just as important with social media. Thankfully, Facebook can help find your targeted audience by grouping people based on common interests. In fact, segmented and targeted emails have been known to generate 58% of total revenue. Facebook is a complex algorithm that uses specifics like user history to generate a list of people who might be interested in your product. After you've narrowed down the funnel to who's actually interested, you can then start using Facebook ads to see a return. 

You know you can create the lead, but can you seal the deal? This is where follow up, trigger emails come in. A Facebook ad may spark a reader to respond and put an item into their shopping cart. This is a perfect instance where an email can be used to finish the sale. By sending a reminder to the customer you will likely increase conversion rates. You can also set up a tracking code to see which email subscribers click through. This will make it easy to send ads, only the people who are curious about your product. 

We have talked about testing within email marketing, and you can easily do the same with Facebook ads. Once you figure out which one ad users like best you can use it to increase email subscribers. By integrating a "join now" or "subscribe here" into your Facebook ad, you can easily boost your email subscribers. Because your ads are already being targeted toward people who are interested, you can expect more engagement with viewers through email by using this tactic. Testing with both email and social media marketing can never hurt because you are ultimately finding out what the customer wants and likes most. This will be how you can reach your key audience best. 

Another great tip would be to upload your subscriber's list onto your social media platform. This will allow you to give a face to the name you have been sending all of those emails to. You will gain a closer relationship with each customer by doing this. And for those people who aren't subscribers yet, you can insert a direct link on your Facebook page for them to join. 


To wrap it all up, utilizing both email and social media marketing is key in your strategy. Without one, you will be missing out on a huge opportunity to connect and reach your targeted viewers. In order to be successful, you need to have a solid understanding of email marketing tactics. You also need to have a strong social media presence. Once you master both areas, you can seamlessly join the two, in order to create a stronger brand and following. 

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