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The Importance of Safe Sex and How to Start the Conversation


Sex is a timeless activity built for all ages. However, all ages are not so in tune with safety measures that should be followed by anyone who is sexually active. 

In stating that fact, it is understandable if someone who is very young does not realize the full effect of what an unprotected experience could mean for them - after the fact. Some teenagers and young adults today may not have had such an upbringing that would openly discuss the ramifications of unprotected intercourse. 

Beginning a Safe Sex Discussion with Common Sense Facts 
Therefore, it is important to make aware some factual guidelines and consequences of having sex if uneducated with what that really means. 

First, the two main topics used to describe a few different sexual activities is simply having sex or making love. These should be talked about in a way that a young adult would comprehend. These two separate points of reference to sexual intercourse are great beginning conversations for a sex education discussion. 

For example, it is a good idea to distinguish that "having sex" is about lust and everyone should practice safe sex. This is can happen on a whim after meeting someone for the first time and feeling a strong attraction to the person without even knowing them in a personable way. If you fall victim to a total sexual encounter without feelings of love or knowing the person you are intimate with, then it is safer to know the risks before these things happen. 

At this point, you may be thinking that "making love" is safe and does not warrant safety precautions. However, you would be mistaken. It would only be safe to assume that if you have been with your partner several years and you both have committed totally to each other in the way of spending most of your time together. Otherwise, if you have only been dating for a limited time but still feel you are in love, that is not reason enough to make love without protection. And it would still be a smart cautionary move to practice safe sex even in a long-term relationship. 

How to Succeed at Practicing Safe Sex 

The next thing to discuss are ways in which to practice safe sex. A proper list of safe sex precautions is as listed: 

  • Abstinence - You can commit to not having sex until you and your partner have been together a few years, and both decide you are ready.

  • Condoms - Always have condoms in your wallet, purse, or side table beside the bed for easy access. Being stocked up and prepared is never a bad idea.

  • Health checks - Keep up with regular health checks to make sure you have not contracted an STD if an unexpected encounter happens and you were not prepared.

The above list includes the top three ways to protect yourself when and if you become sexually active whether it be in a promiscuous way or with a steady partner. Of course, there are other topics to think about as well when talking about being safe during sex. This may include an unwanted pregnancy that will hinder both a man and a woman's lifestyle. 

Keep Asking Questions and Getting Answers 

Obviously, the topic of safe sex will bring up many questions to a person who has not been sexually active yet or is not familiar with any type of precautionary measures that you would learn in a stable environment. If you are someone who never had "The Talk" with your parents, I hope this article puts a better perspective on what to do and what not to do when thinking about having sex.

Author Bio: Paige Jirsa- I work with Top10.Today, a shopping comparison site, where we strive to help consumers find the best quality and priced products. 

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