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The Best Bachelor Party Ideas Under $50 Per Head


Here's the dilemma: you are responsible for throwing together a monumentally fun bachelor party, but you need to make it affordable for all involved. That means no flying to Vegas to drink champagne at the Sky Villa; no party cruise with a lobster dinner; and, of course, no dropping hundreds of dollars at the gentleman's club.

You might read that and think that your options are significantly constrained, but that's not the case. There are plenty of fun things you can do without having to remortgage your home and sell your organs on the black market. In fact, most of the items on this list are more fun than your bog standard bachelor party.

Boozing it up in Las Vegas, or blowing cash stacks at a gentleman's club have significantly diminishing returns, and, after an initial thrill, aren't all that fun. The items on this list, however, are all geared toward having the maximum amount of good times, for the least amount of money.

#1. Axe Throwing at BATL

If you want to keep your bachelor party manly, then check this out - axe throwing is quite possibly the most "badass for your buck" activity that you are going to find, anywhere. Where else can you compete with friends by throwing medieval weapons around? And, depending on the location, there is a bar attached, so you can even get drinks while you toss around the hatchets. For a little more info, the Scottsdale Times has a good profile on the new sport, complete with its history, and a little bit about the gameplay.

Price: From $35.99/per person

#2. Camping at a Nearby Campsite

While it might not be the most glamorous way to send off your bud to a life of marital bliss, it is one of the less expensive ways. Pack up your tents and bags, supplies and tools, and head off into the wilderness for a weekend of roughing it. Provided that a fire ban isn't in effect, pack ample food to grill, including the usual suspects - steaks, kebabs, corn and potatoes. And don't forget to stock the cooler full of drinks. The price listed below is an estimate calculated for ten people, including campsite cost, food, drinks and gas.

Price: Around $40/ per person

#3. A Local Craft Brewery Tour

Instead of getting stale beer at a sweaty club, why not go straight for the source. The craft beer explosion of the past decade has seen countless microbreweries open up in cities and towns all across North America, the majority of them offering some kind of tour, complete with beer tasting. These tours don't often cost very much, and, for the beer nerd in your group, can be very informative. Plus, at the end of the tour, you get to sample what is quite possibly the freshest beer you've ever tasted. Check out TripAdvisor for the best craft brewery tours around.

Price: Between $10 and $35 per person

#4. Hitting Balls at the Driving Range

Not every groom-to-be wants a raging party. Sometimes, depending on the person, the best possible party is a low-key day at the driving range, hitting balls with friends. While this is most often a prelude to some more "party forward" activities, the driving range can also be the entire party. There is something peaceful, and satisfying, about spending your day swinging a club.

Price: Between $5 and $35 a bucket

#5. Karaoke at a KTV Bar

Karaoke in North America has traditionally meant getting together in a big bar full of drunk people and belting out Michael Bolton to a room full of strangers. There's nothing wrong with this style of karaoke, but for a more tight-knit evening, try the KTV-style karaoke, where you rent out a private room to sing karaoke. This Asian style of karaoke foregoes the awkward interactions with strangers and lets you focus on having fun with your friends.

Price: $50 to $80 per hour, for a large room

#6. Go Paintballing

For the groom who likes to gameify everything, paintballing is ideal. Essentially a real life Call of Duty game, complete with stealth tracking, sniping and defending, paintball is fun for adults of pretty much any age. And while it charts as probably the most expensive item on this list, it is worth it for the sheer amount of violent thrill you get.

Price: Around $50 per person, including ammo

There you have it - a full list of the best bachelor parties for under $50 a person. This list just goes to show you that you don't have to throw around cash to have a great time.

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