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Nov 28, 2017 03:58 PM EST

Top 10 Best Colleges in the World Included many colleges and universities in California


The Top 10 Best Colleges in the World Included many colleges and universities in California.

UC Berkeley, Caltech, in Pasadena, ranked third, fourth and sixth, along with Stanford University in North America, according to U.S. News & World Report's ranking of the world's best universities.

Harvard University is ranked number one in the world with a global score of 100, and the University of Massachusetts (MIT) is second.

Cambridge University (8th), Princeton University (9th), Johns Hopkins (5th) and Oxford University (Yale), Washington University 10).

UCLA ranked 13th in the world, while UC San Francisco and UC San Diego ranked 16th and 17th respectively, indicating that the State University of California was recognized globally. → On the first page, 'University'

The survey, which was announced for the fourth time this year, included 1250 universities in 76 countries, including 250 universities in the United States, 73 universities in the UK, 136 universities in China, 76 universities in Japan, and 58 universities in Germany. The rankings were ranked by the total score of 13 items, including reputation, regional research achievement reputation, publications, global collaborative research, the number of the most cited 1% articles and the ratio of publications. The highest percentage (12.5%) is the global research reputation, the regional research reputation, and the 10% of the most cited publications. Harvard ranks first for four consecutive years in global research achievements and publications, the full citations index, and the most cited 10% of publications.

Confused college ranking ... It depends on the evaluation criteria.

As the education journals such as US news announce the college rankings ahead of the acceptance application application season, the ranking of universities changes according to the evaluation items, so parents and students need confirmation.

For example, in the US News & World Report, the Harvard Grand Prix was ranked No. 1 in the world's best universities in 2018, but Harvard Grand Prix was ranked No. 2 in the "2018 America's Best University Rank" announced just a month ago.

On the other hand, Princeton, who was voted number one at the time, dropped to ninth place in the world rankings. MIT and Stanford, ranked second and third in the world's top universities, are ranked third and fifth in the US university rankings, respectively.

UC Berkeley, ranked number one in the world's public universities, ranked 21st in the US university rankings with UCLA and USC, but ranked fourth in the world rankings.

This is because the university rankings announced each time are different because of different evaluation criteria.

In fact, Forbes lists university rankings based on post-graduation employment rates, salaries, and wage levels of middle-aged people. On the other hand, US universities rank universities in terms of college graduation rates, Rate, class size, student-to-faculty ratio, donation size, and so on.

"Worldwide research is the most important research activity in the world," said Robert Moles, Data Analytics Team Leader, US News. "In particular, the global reputation and local reputation for research results and the percentage of the top 10 most cited publications "He said.

"It is better to check the possible rankings of the university rankings and analyze them based on them," he advised.

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