UK Coventry University shows high employment rate in global companies


It is a common sight in many parts of the world that students from many countries fail to get a job after graduating from college.

The UK is a highly-satisfied country for international students. According to the results of the survey conducted by UUK in March last year, 91% of undergraduate graduates and 90% of graduates of research graduates were satisfied with studying in the UK. The reason for the high level of satisfaction is that the academic level of the UK universities and the management system for international students are excellent, and the pounds exchange rate is much lower, and the tuition and living expenses are lower than the USA, Australia and Canada. In addition, since the faculties of the UK universities are three-year programs, they can save time, so the UK study fair is fascinated by the visitors who want to get information every year.

University of Coventry National University stands out as a British college that is strong in graduate employment. Coventry University has a 97 percent job and graduate entry rate within six months of graduating from the Graduate Employment Statistics Survey (DLHE) this year. Compared with last year's 95%, this year's 2% p increase was four out of ten domestic college graduates.

Coventry University ranked 12th out of a total of 121 universities in the UK university rankings this year, according to the British Daily Guardian. It has risen three stairs from the 15th place last year and has been named the UK's best Modern University for four consecutive years. The tuition fee is low at two-thirds of the other UK universities, and the internship program is offered to all international students who can work for one year at a UK company.

According to LinkedIn's 12-day recruitment analysis of the global business network, Coventry's alumni's largest employer was found to be Jaguar Land Rover, a British automaker. More than 15,598 British students and alumni alumni from LinkedIn who can view their employment status are working at Jaguar Land Rover.

Headquartered in Coventry, Jaguar Land Rover is an official sponsor of the Coventry University. Co-operative industry-university co-operation is one of the world's highest levels of automotive design, automotive engineering and motor sports engineering at Coventry University. Jaguar's chief designer, Ian Kolum, called "the world's top three designers," and Coventry's grand alumni, including Koreans, work in various positions in Jaguar Land Rover. Rolls-Royce, a famous British car, is counted as 213, showing the reputation of the UK's leading automotive industry.

The second largest employment agency was the British National Health Service (NHS), which employed 367 people. Graduates majoring in life sciences, psychology, and medical pharmacology. The third place is Emirates, with 253 incumbents. Coventry University is a leading university in the aerospace industry in the UK, with fighter planes and flight simulation facilities within the engineering complex. This year, the Department of Mechanical Engineering was ranked 2nd in the rankings of the Guardian majors, and the hotel tourism department for stewardship of foreign airlines also ranked first in the employment rate and second in the majors. In particular, the Department of Automotive Transportation Design is considered to have many people who have entered the airline by designing all transportation means such as air, ship, train, and drone.

Graduates have become prominent in the UK's financial, retail and IT industries. Major finance students majored in Barclay Bank (8th place) and HSBC Bank (9th place). Businessmen majored in Saintsbury (7th place) and Tesco (12th place). Computer engineering, hacking cyber security, and other IT majors are at IBM (10th) and Infosys (13th), an Indian IT giant.

Coventry's official said, "As the benefits of UK employment for European students have diminished, the employment of Asian students in the United Kingdom has increased more than ever." After completing the foundation course at the Digital Chosun Ilbo International Education Center, I look forward to challenging students who want to work. "

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