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Confirmed: Super NES Classic Edition With 21 Built-In Games Rolls Out Sept. 29, Available For Only $80 [VIDEO]


Nintendo is officially launching the Super NES Classic Edition on Sept. 29. The device is set for a global release. The video game console will arrive with 21 built-in games and will be available for $80.

Although the $80 price of Nintendo's Super NES Classic Edition seems like a good deal, game enthusiasts will need to consider that the game console has many limitations and has restricted number of video games available. Wherein, the Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition users can only have 21 game titles, unless the owners can hack into the system.

Nevertheless, the Japanese electronics company made it known that the Super NES Classic Edition will come along with exciting games such as "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past," "F-Zero," "Super Metroid," "Super Mario Kart," "Super Mario World," among others. The Super NES Classic Edition also supports HDMI output for high-definition TV playback just like the NES Classic, the game console released in 2016, TIME reported.

But, game enthusiasts are already wondering if the video game company can meet demands for the Super NES Classic Edition, which its predecessor was virtually sold out everywhere. Also, the NES Classic Edition featured 30 classic video games. In spite of that, Nintendo's upcoming SNES Classic might be having limited stocks, Syracuse reported.

So far, the only pre-order available for Nintendo's Super NES Classic Edition is from Game UK, with a £79.99 price tag. The gaming system was also up for grabs on Amazon UK, but run out of supply almost immediately.

However, setting up an Amazon alert when the stock comes back would be a best bet. A person can also set up an alert to the official UK Store of Nintendo. in the U.S. as well as Australia's EB Games currently don't have pages set up for the Nintendo SNES Classic. While some less reputable sellers claim they already have the console, it is recommended to hold off until Amazon, EB and GameStop offer pre-orders.

Watch The Video Here:

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