Know The Top 7 Most Student-Friendly Cities In The World [VIDEO]


Studying abroad is a good experience for students as they learn new cultures and get more exposed to a bigger world. More so, studying abroad can be cheaper than studying here at home. For those who are thinking of studying overseas, here are the Top 7 most student-friendly cities in the world.


This French-speaking city in Canada tops the list because of the friendliness of the people and the affordability of cost of living. Aside from that, Montreal has some of the best educational institutions. Its art industry and employment record are thriving as well.


Despite news of bombings and terrorist attacks and the high cost of living, Paris still comes in second as the top most student-friendly cities in the world. Thanks to its low tuition cost, cuisine, and culture, the French capital is still the choice among many students.


Despite Brexit and other disappointing news, London is still one of the top choices of international students. Compared to other cities, studying in London is more affordable for students and the opportunities after graduation are lucrative.


South Korea's capital has beaten Tokyo and Hong Kong as it takes the No. 4 spot in the top most student-friendly cities in the world. Some of Seoul's major draws are its thriving arts and gaming culture.


Melbourne takes the fifth spot in this list beating Sydney and Brisbane. Melbourne is considered the cultural hub if the country and has a vibrant nightlife. It also has good weather and good beaches that are easily accessible.


Berlin is the highest ranking among German cities. Thanks to its liberal atmosphere and great party scene. But the best part about Berlin is its free tuition fee which makes it an ideal place for students.


The seventh spot in the top most student-friendly cities in the world is Tokyo. Tokyo's charm comes from a lot of internship and professional opportunities for students. Tokyo is also one of the leading financial centers in the world.

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