Technology and How Job Hunting Is Made Easy With Chatbots That Can Help Hopefuls Find A Job [VIDEO]


Finding a job can be quite a challenge. Competition is stiff and most people wish they have the edge of knowing the opportunities ahead of others. That is more than possible now because of technology, especially with these chatbots.


Woo is not an actual job board but more of an assessment tool. The chatbot asks people to type important work-related information, such as skills, education, the length of experience for a certain position, position, and salary expectation.

The chatbot scans for companies that are the best matches for each profile. Then, it sends the profiles to the companies without revealing the identity of the person. Thus, it is not affected by any type of prejudice but everybody gets a fair chance to be assessed based on their skills and experience.

If the companies are interested in the person, it sends a message to Woo to give the job seekers an opportunity to connect with them.


Stella is a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to connect employers and job seekers. Just like Woo, Stella match job seekers with companies that best match what they are looking for while remaining anonymous. Aside from that, people are assured that their profile are not shown to other companies except those they want to apply to. According to Stella, they have reduced the waiting time for new hires by 80 percent.


Newton also uses artificial intelligence to help job seekers find their next job. Unlike Stella, however, it does not connect employers and employees. Instead, it sends people the best position that matches their preferences. The AI also learns the search behavior of users and fine tunes the job searches as they continue the service.

In Conclusion

Competition is quite stiff but with these chatbots, there is no reason why someone will have difficulty finding a job. In fact, looking for it becomes much easier and more convenient. Thanks to technology.

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