How College Hopefuls Can Ease Their Way In From High School Into Earning a Degree [VIDEO]

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How can high school graduates get into college in an easier way? Read on to find out.

According to Forbes, there are three major categories vital to academic success. One is Independent study skills; two is analytical reading skills, and three is college-level writing skills. Here are the explanations:

Independent study skills

Some students either fail or score poorly even if they have prepared before an exam. It is either they lack the ability or lack the notes. The latter is more likely the reason.

Thus, students must take the initiative to "develop" good note-taking skills. May it be from a reading material or from daily classroom lectures, jotting down important terms and phrases are very important. Of course, they must attend class regularly. Note that college professors are different from high school teachers in terms of spoon-feeding students.

Analytical reading skills

Not all terms are important. Just because it sounds complicated, it does not mean that it is worthy to be written down. When reading stories full of unfamiliar words, students must not hesitate to use a dictionary. When reading dense paragraphs, students must learn to pick out the main ideas only.

As college students, professors expect them to be engaged in critical reading. This type of reading does not focus on content alone, but also on how the author develops a perspective.

College-level writing skills

Do not be used to writing repetitive statements just to make the article longer. Per Learn NC, the organization of thoughts is always important. College professors would know if a paper is written only in the wee hours of the morning.

The flow says it all. A good structure has a proper introduction, body, and conclusion. It is firm and direct to the point (if formal writing). While there is no formula in writing, a proper mind, with enough sleep and good mood, will create the paper that shines.

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