‘Pokemon Go’ To Launch Monthly Events For Millions Of Active Players; ‘Pokemon Go’ Update With Revamped Gyms Out Soon [VIDEO]


Ever since Niantic launched the "Pokemon Go," it has become a custom for the mobile game to roll out monthly events to engage with the millions of active players. The Fire and Ice Solstice event, that started June 13 and will end on June 20, boosted the Pokemon encounters as well as prizes for the gamers to enjoy.

The Fire and Ice Solstice event of "Pokemon Go" started on June 13 and will conclude on June 20. Players can acquire XP bonuses as well as increased fire and sightings of ice Pokemon. Charmeleon, Charmander, Arcanine, Cyndaquil, Cloyster, Jinx and Lapras are just some of the many creatures "Pokemon Go" fans can catch during the event, MIC reported.

Aside from the mobile game's about to end Fire and Ice Solstice event, the video game developer also has other exciting plans for "Pokemon Go," which players will surely enjoy. While several players are engaging in the latest event, The Pokémon Company made it known that an all-new gym system is heading to the augmented reality game soon.

The video game developer also announced that a new cooperative Raid Battle update will be available in the future. The Raid Battle feature allows "Pokemon Go" players to team up with their friends to simultaneously battle against powerful creatures at Gyms, Game Spot reported.

The Pokemon gyms will now act as PokéStops and it will come along with a spinnable disc that gives Pokemon fans unique items, such as Poké Balls. The gym's basic structure is being altered. So now, six unique Pokémons can occupy a gym in order to prevent duplicates of the same Pokémon to appear multiple times in a gym battle.

As with most "Pokemon Go" events, it's tough to say where exactly the video game developer is hiding the rarest creatures. Nevertheless, with new events are coming, players may want to keep the mobile game open often to take full advantage of the upcoming "Pokemon Go" event.

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