'Dragon Ball Fighter Z' Amazing Visuals, Exclusive Beta For Xbox And PlayStation [VIDEO]

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Among the game announced during the E3 conference was "Dragon Ball Fighter Z." Based on the trailer, Goku and the rest of the "Dragon Ball" universe got an amazing 2D makeover. Before that, however, the game will have an exclusive beta for Xbox One and PlayStation4.

Eric Hartness, Bandai Namco Entertainment America Vice President of Marketing, said during the E3 conference that players might mistake the awesome visuals as "actual 2D animation" from the famous "Dragon Ball" series.

Hartness was not lying as die-hard "Dragon Ball" fans got awestruck with the visuals shown in the "Dragon Ball Fighter Z" trailer. Of course, fans will not expect less since Arc System Works are behind the new "Dragon Ball" game. As Hartness put it, the game company has a record of bringing top-notch quality in their games.

Aside from the one-on-one battle,"Dragon Ball Fighter Z" will also feature three-versus-three battles. The trailer also showed ultra-powerful energy beams, amazing projectiles, and powered-up final forms.

The fights looked cinematic and fast-paced as the characters dodge against each other and teleport from place to place. There is also some notable changes to how the camera shifts during fights and transition scenes.

In addition to the trailer, Bandai also announced that there will be a closed beta for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 before the end of summer. Future details about the exclusive beta will be announced in the near future according to Bandai Namco.

"Dragon Ball Fighter Z" will be enhanced for those who will are planning to play it on the Xbox One X. The game will be released in early 2018 but it is already available for preorder.

Meanwhile, enjoy the short trailer of "Dragon Ball Fighter Z" below and see if this will make you buy the game.

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