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‘Pokémon Go’ Update: Niantic Labs Banning Players Again; New Apple iOS Update; Fire And Ice Event Could Start Next Week [VIDEO]


"Pokémon Go's" latest update includes Niantic Labs banning players again and getting a stunning new visual update on Apple iOS devices later this year. Also, "Pokémon Go" could have a fire and ice event next week.

Niantic Labs are banning "Pokémon Go" players again. But, recent tweets indicate that if the game developer has shadowbanned a player it won't last forever. Wherein, a support team rep tweeted the details "Pokémon Go" gamers had been suspecting.

The punishment mechanism is ignited by utilizing third-party apps that may negatively impact a player's gameplay or even the gameplay of others. However, the support team rep stated that the punishment is temporary, as long as "Pokémon Go" players would comply with the game's Terms Of Service And Trainer Guidelines by discontinuing the use of the third-party apps.

Meanwhile, the location-based augmented reality game is getting a stunning new visual update on Apple iOS devices later this year. "Pokemon Go" would be one of the first mobile games to support the new augmented reality (AR) technology of Apple, Express reported.

Apple made it known at the WWDC keynote that its new ARKit AR technology will use faster and more stable motion tracking to improve augmented reality apps on iPad and iPhone. The "Pokemon Go" mobile game will be more grounded and will cast realistic shadows once the ARKit update goes live.

On the other hand, a "Pokémon Go" leak indicated that the mobile game could have a fire and ice event that will start as soon as next week. The "Pokémon Go" fire and ice event is said to increase spawn rate for Fire type and an Ice type creature. This "Pokemon Go" event will give players additional XP for performing certain actions in-game, Pokemon Go Informer reported.

"Pokémon Go" trainers will discover more, Cyndaquil, Charmander, Houndour, Ponyta, Growlithe, Vulpix, Swinub and their evolutions. While "Pokémon Go" players will need to keep their eye out for Cloyster, Magmar, Sneasel, and other Ice types and Fire types.

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