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Sea Shepherd Vessel Boarded By 'Armed Forces' In Costa Rica; What Are They Up To [VIDEO]


Three coast guard boats "immediately" approached the MV John Paul DeJoria upon its arrival in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. The Sea Shepherd ship was then "quickly boarded" by "armed" forces.

Captain Paul Watson, the founder of Sea Shepherd, stressed that the officers thoroughly inspected the MV John Paul DeJoria. Apparently, they were looking for him. On his Facebook page, Captain Paul Watson confirmed that he was being targeted.

At the moment, Captain Paul Watson has a whopping $25,000 reward on his head. He hinted that the bounty was from the "shark fin mafia". Additionally, a warrant of arrest has been served for his intervention in illegal shark finning operations. Watson bravely made fun of the idea that these 'armed men" thought he would just "waltz" into Costa Rica with such major risks.

The incident he was talking about was the time he stopped an illegal Costa Rican shark finning vessel in Guatemalan waters. For the record, Watson's move was permitted by the Guatemalan government. Nevertheless, an officer wearing a skull mask with an automatic rifle on his shoulder, searching for Watson in the MV Joh Paul DeJoria, appears to be planning revenge.

The Sea Shepherd captain clarified that he stopped pirates "at the request" of the Guatemalan government. However, it is ironic how Watson is the one being accused of being a pirate. More interestingly, the people who are trying to catch him are the ones "dressed like a pirate".

Well, fortunately, the MV John Paul DeJoria has been cleared into Costa Rica. Despite the show of force, no crew has been hurt. The Sea Shepherd is here to offer the Costa Rican government their assistance in shutting down illegal fishing in their territorial waters. For one, this area is a part of the Galapagos corridor.

Reportedly, the authorities need a fast patrol vessel. The Sea Shepherd has one. The question is: Will they accept the help or not?

Also in the past, Watson's group has given small boats, radars, generators, and enforcement equipment to the rangers. Sadly, they are still being treated like they are the enemy. Meanwhile, the poachers get protection in shipping shark fins from Costa Rica to China.

On the other hand, Watson admitted that they need more support. On seashepherd.org, he said that they already have the vessel and the crew, but they need resources like fuel, cameras, and dive equipment. For anyone who wants to support the mission against illegal shark finning, they may visit the Sea Shepherd link indicated above.

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