Nicki Minaj Pays For Fans' College Debts; Gives $18,000 To 8 Students [VIDEO]


One of her followers asked her on Twitter if she would help him pay his college tuition fee. Nicki Minaj replied with a challenge asking students to show her "straight A's" and she will pay for their loans.

Now, over the weekend, the famous rapper shared on Instagram the lists of the names with payments doled out since her call last week. She truly exchanged tuition money for legitimate "straight A" report cards. Additionally, Nicki Minaj revealed that she will be starting a charity to further help low-income students "very soon".

One student from Ohio University, Devonte Portis, is one of the lucky students who got the financial aid from the female rapper. He told CNN that the event was "so coincidental" and that it is a "blessing". Portis noted that the payment took less than a week to be completed and he is already registered to go back this summer.

Per The News, the celebrity's Instagram post showed that she has paid over $18,000 to eight students. The bills were used to pay for their loans, tuition fees, and school supplies like books. For the record, Portis is currently a sophomore at Ohio University majoring in Public Relations. His best friend, a female named Christina Holland, also qualified for the grant.

Portis added that he is now looking forward to continuing his education at Ohio University. He stressed that he well "forever be grateful" for her (Minaj) generosity. Nicki Minaj is only one of the popular musicians who made education a priority in their charity works.

Beyoncé announced that she will fund four scholarships for "young men and women who are unafraid to think outside the box" last month. Queen B wants students to be "bold, creative, conscious, and confident." On the other hand, Chance the Rapper donated $1 million to Chicago's public schools last aMrch too. The latter then created an arts fund to help schools that werehit by budget cuts.

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