Apple To Stop Updating iPad Mini: Here's Why [VIDEO]


Recent reports say that tech mogul Apple is set to stop updating the iPad Mini. This news came in as rumors suggest that the same company will reveal an all-new iPad in the coming weeks.

According to BGR, iPad Mini is not going to receive updates this year. Probably, the new model will cause the end of the road for it too. At the 2017 WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), Apple fans believe that a fresh 10.5-inch iPad with smaller bezels will be born.

Additionally, this new iPad might be the footprint of the existing 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Thus, it is highly likely to replace the small iPad Pro in the Apple fleet. Meanwhile, the Cupertino-based company also unveils a different 9.7-inch iPad. The latter costs $320 only, about $79 cheaper than the iPad Mini 4.

The same source claims that the popularity of the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPad truly outshines the light of the iPad Mini. Therefore, Apple might just get rid of it. While it sounds like a brutal end, the tech mogul will probably do it slowly rather than abruptly pulling out all variants in stores.

Per Tech Crunch, the iPad Mini was once the hottest thing when it debuted in 2012. For one, larger models are quite heavier. People wanted something light so that they could carry it wherever they go around. Well, the Mini was the answer.

Previously the perfect device for browsing the web and reading emails, its only drawback was that it was small to watch movies. Other than that, the public loved it so much. Sadly, modern times provided lighter iPads and bigger phones, making the Mini a little bit useless.Do note that Apple has not issued any official statement regarding this matter. Below is a video review of iPad Mini in 2017 from APBTV:

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