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Captain Paul Watson Of Sea Shepherd Reveals Story Behind His Obsession For Whales [VIDEO]


Sea Shepherd founder, Captain Paul Watson, revealed in a recent Facebook post that a dying Sperm whale once saved his life. The moment he looked into the eye of the "wounded leviathan", he immediately saw mercy and understanding.

In the Facebook page of Captain Paul Watson, he admitted that it was the very moment that changed his life. From then and on, he devoted his time saving as many whales as he can. To repay the kindness of that particular Sperm whale, he promised to protect their kind against his kind - mankind.

Watson's dedication to protecting whales is not just bounded by "ethical" and "ecological" considerations. More importantly, it is fortified by a deep personal connection to the species. As proof of that, Watson first blocked a Soviet harpoon in the North Pacific about four decades ago. It has been his mission, his life, his love for the planet.

He works for them and if people have a problem with that, Watson does not care. His clients are whales. He will never back down. Watson will never give up the fight.

Back in 1976, he tried to find the answer to the question: Why do people kill whales? As he sat in a small inflatable boat in the middle of a Soviet whaling fleet, he found out that they do not eat whales. Instead, the Soviets kill them for the valuable oil they produce. Apparently, the soldiers use it to lubricate machinery to manufacture ICBM missiles.

Watson saw how ironic it was for humans to "slaughter" beautiful and highly intelligent marine creatures to make a weapon for the mass extermination of their own kind. He then stressed that it is literally and figuratively correct to state that by killing whales, "we kill ourselves".

Meanwhile, Sea Shepherd earlier condemned Denmark for supporting The Grind in the Faroe Islands. University Herald reported that the locals brutally take the life out of pilot whales using axes, machetes, knives, and hammers. The bloody event is said to be part of their "tradition".

Now, Watson let slip that he will never honor tradition. He opposes whaling by any person, for any reason. All whalers, he said, are murderers. True as it is, no cultural practice can justify murder.

The Captain called the killing of cetaceans as "Cetacide". For those who say that they "waste nothing" whenever they kill and eat whales, Watson has a chilling reply. Well, these whalers "waste the whale itself."

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