Genius Genes: 14-Year-Old College Graduate Plans To Get PhD Next; Younger Brother Shows The Same IQ Level [VIDEO]


Carson Huey-You leaves Texas Christian University at 14 years old with a degree in Physics. His brother, on the other hand, will attend the same school as freshman college student at only 11 years old.

ABC News reported that Carson wants to pursue his Ph.D. and conduct research after graduation. Cannan, the younger brother, will take up astrophysics and engineering next fall. The latter wants to be an astronaut in the near future.

Carson started at Texas Christian University in 2013. For the record, he took up minors in Chinese and math as well. On Saturday, the 14-year-old genius received his diploma. Claretta Kimp, the mother, is really impressed with her kids but tells media that intelligence is just "a small part of who they are".

Claretta narrated that the brothers are like best friends. They study together but they also know how to wrestle and laugh with each other. Carson and Cannan are reportedly gentlemen too as they like to hold the door open for women. Surprisingly, Claretta revealed that the boys' social media lives are "perfectly adequate".

Thus, the mother hints that her children are normal aside from their above average IQs. Per the South China Morning Post, Claretta is confident that her kids' childhood years are not being sacrificed in the process. She narrated how Carson developed his love for learning and education.

At age two, Carson was already reading books with chapters. When he turned three, he already told his mom that he wants to learn calculus. During the 8th grade, wherein Carson was five already, Claretta knew he needs to 'get out a little bit". However, she struggled to find a school that would accommodate Carson.

Eventually, though, she found a "small Christian school" and Carson graduated as co-valedictorian. After that, the search for the next journey started all over again. Claretta said that they visited numerous colleges to listen to lectures about the Ivy League. However, when the time to decide finally came, Texas Christian University topped all the choices.

Meanwhile, Cannan started on a more "traditional" route. He attended kindergarten with kids his own age. Nonetheless, he began to get bored during the second grade. This was the time Claretta realized that Carson's thirst for learning rubbed off on his brother.

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