Donald Trump Lectures Liberty University Graduates To Never Let Anyone Dictate Their Lives [VIDEO]


In his first graduation address as President, Donald Trump told the students of the Liberty University to be unafraid in challenging the deep-seated interests and "failed power structures." Apparently, he also wants them to go against the flow of society.

Trump urged the Liberty University students to stand up and make a real and lasting difference. He said that the more people tell them to stop, the more they should keep going. Consequently, if people tell them they are wrong, the more they should keep pushing through.

On the other hand, The Washington Post reported that Trump's speech showed him as a defender of the Christian faith. For example, he said that in America, people do not worship government. They, per the President, "worship God."

However, Trump's relationship with the Christian school's student body has been a little rocky. When he spoke at the same institution a week before University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. extended his endorsement, students laughed at him. Reportedly, Trump quoted a passage from "Two Corinthians". This phrase seemed to showcase a lack of familiarity with what is more commonly referred to as Paul's "second" letter to the Corinthians.

Nonetheless, per NBC, Falwell believes that Trump is truly a successful executive and entrepreneur worthy of becoming a commencement speaker. Also, he said that the US President is a wonderful father and "a man who can lead America" to greatness again. The hit on his political "detractors" came in after he fired FBI Director James Comey.

Trump said that Americans do not need a lecture from Washington on how to lead their lives. Obviously, he was referring to the people back in D.C. Trump added that these officials "think they know everything". He then tackled how the system in Washington is already "broken".

Though the President took a vague shot at his adversaries, he strayed from his usual style of tackling the news of the day head on. Instead of personal defenses, Trump came to Liberty University armed with a message of thanks for evangelicals whose votes helped him prove himself during the elections. In the end, he reminded students to never back down whether they defied expectations, challenged the accepted, or took on already established systems. For the full length of the speech, visit the link below:

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